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  1. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    For anyone questioning if the wait of MEE is worth it. Reporting in after one month and thousands miles with an e-tron, which I bought after tired of waiting for the delivery of my early reserved MEE: -the importance of reliable, rapid charging speed is way undervalued character in the EVs...
  2. Cancelled my order - got an e-tron

    I got a Premium Plus 2019 CPO with about 1000 miles on it for 52k roughly. Been very happy with the car so far. It seems early production problems were sorted out by the time mine was produced (very late 2019, manual reads 2020 actually). No issues so far and with OBDeleven I’ve been able to...
  3. Cancelled my order - got an e-tron

    I had quite an early reservation number and converted my reservation to order on pretty much day 1 when it came possible. I was very excited of the MEE until I saw the built-date estimate end Feb. took a test drive with an audi and bought it two days later. still going to take the MEE for a...
  4. Build date

    Got one too. Premium ER. Where does this put my delivery realistically? I’m really close to canceling if someone is in need of one in SW Florida. Your vehicle is scheduled to be built the week of January 25 2021.
  5. modem in the MACH E

    Does anyone know the frequencies the modem uses? Wondering if the US export would work as-is in Europe. Also what workarounds there are to get around ATT locked sim? I believe they use e-sim.
  6. In Production?

    I’m sure you have calendars in Canada as well 😀 Not asking for res number but DATES reserved/converted. Thanks!!
  7. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Alternative view: if Chinese government is subsidizing a certain product, say EV manufacturing in this case, why would you restrict the flow of Chinese tax payers money coming to US consumers (in the form of an EV in this case) rather than welcoming them open hands? If the economy would be open...
  8. Some Ford dealers are still uninformed on Mach-E charging; hampering EV adoption

    I did not know I will be able to use Tesla Superchargers as well, that’s a welcome update 😅
  9. In Production?

    @Thor188 what were your reservation & order conversion dates? Thank you.
  10. Recall

    MEE will have recalls for sure. Soon enough this forum is full of people posting issues with their new vehicle, especially with the first production year. Just being realistic...
  11. Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    If you upload it now your competition will be all over it. They’ll probably want to wait until last minute to give them that info.
  12. Ford Announces Jim Hackett to Retire as President and CEO; Jim Farley to Succeed

    I wonder what the new EV strategy will be? New CEO needs to show quick results and EVs are consuming a lot of R&D money with very little revenue so far. On the other hand they mention MEE there at least as part of their future product vision..
  13. Mach-E Por Mujeres: Cuautitlan Plant Celebrates First Time Mach-E Built By Women

    As a man myself, knowing how we operate- I’d rather have my MEE built by women for quality reasons 😂 But seriously, thank you Ford for giving us insight on how they’re practicing the assembly already.
  14. Demo of startup video / opening sequence graphics (on screens)

    That shiny screen attracts a lot of dust and is full of fingerprints, same problem the e-tron has in many of the reviews I’ve seen. Don’t know if Tesla does it in any different way.
  15. New Competition Audit Q4 E-Tron Sportback - Late 2021

    Now that my delivery seems more and more likely to take place in 2021, will have to keep an eye on Audi and how fast they can start delivering in the US. Ford, I hope you’re reading this! 😂
  16. Canceled orders

    My dealer says if I cancel, they’ll still receive the car and just sell it to whomever. He says his GM was confident they’ll sell all the MEEs they get.
  17. Full scale production due to start in October

    That was me and I’d remind it’s the EV guy at one dealer saying it, don’t know his source/if he just made it up. I’ll definitely keep following up with them as I have an order in with them and report back as soon as I know. If demos start popping up at dealers, quite few of us are going to make...
  18. Full scale production due to start in October

    So..production wizards, what does this mean in practice? With a 17xxx orderer number, will I get my vehicle in 2020?
  19. dog mode

    I quite often have my dog with me while stopping to run errands, such as picking up groceries on the way home. The only solution is to leave the car running and absolutely hate to do so, mainly due to the idea of emissions it generates just idling there. In Europe such activity would actually be...
  20. dog mode

    I think it was after sites such as InsideEvs and Electrec reported it and brought it to the wider distribution.