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  1. AllenXS

    This car is the Greatest Of All Time...

    Yes, very nice machine. I've followed a few of those in NZ in my time. And when I saw followed, more like seen them disappear in the distance.
  2. AllenXS

    This car is the Greatest Of All Time...

    Translation yu =no
  3. AllenXS

    This car is the Greatest Of All Time...

    Is this the model with a heated rear screen for pushing in cold weather?
  4. AllenXS

    This car is the Greatest Of All Time...

  5. AllenXS

    *Ford Canada Has Entered The Chat*

    Welcome, good to see ford 🇨🇦 here at least. I’ve found the Ford 🇺🇸 team extremely helpful over the past 18 months to get going and trust you will be as helpful to fellow Canadians going forward. First question, Why is the frunk not full of Molsen Canadian when we take delivery? And where is...
  6. AllenXS

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    A lot of people can’t park properly in the small parks we have in Canada. I doubt buying an ev improves their parking skills. Nor their asshole level.
  7. AllenXS

    How serious is this recall notice? “BATTERY ENERGY CONTROL MODULE SOFTWARE UPDATE”

    As someone who has been through the failure etc, I would still do the trip. Mine failed at home, I still drive home every day. the rate of occurrence has been low. the update is coming out OTA as well. But you need to judge your risk level in terms of trip enjoyment too.
  8. AllenXS

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    In a parking building. Is it mandatory for the white mach-e to park opposite? Saw 4 mme’s today, all white. Just like most of the teslas are all white! Hope we’re not going the same way!
  9. AllenXS

    Ford PowerUp 3.1.1, 3.2.1, and 3.3.1 (Update)

    It's a test - they're needing us to play the game to gather data so they can design the lane change feature.
  10. AllenXS

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Thanks - looks like mine is tonight (Dec 2020 build) so I'll need to check settings before driving tomorrow. Having had the 1.71 stuck forever issue, I'm keen to see this work tonight!
  11. AllenXS

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    Stop saying Soup after activating Alexa.
  12. AllenXS

    New issue tonight drivers window controls dead.

    Had same issue. Was not that far from the border when I was going to cross so I was wondering how I would do the normal, put window down, talk to border guard. Thankfully I did stop to pick some stuff up and it worked again.
  13. AllenXS

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    I got a service credit for a year for a couple of hundred dollars. maybe I’ll get my wheels rotated more often.
  14. AllenXS

    Gas for emergency?

    Saw a bumper sticker on a black Mach-E at an anime convention. it said “powered by Pikachu” Perhaps we all need to keep a few in the frunk.
  15. AllenXS

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    There’s plenty now where I am. No wave backs. The orange GT enjoys playing in traffic together the odd time I see him.
  16. AllenXS

    Do you really know your car?

    Electrify Canada charges more for the 350 chargers, makes it an easy answer.
  17. AllenXS

    How not to drive a new Mach E

    I think he was selling parts on Facebook