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  1. Shayne

    How does the HVB get healthier?

    Recently I had the high voltage junction box and the battery energy control module (HVJB and BECM) replaced due to a positive contact sticking open (P0AA2) in cold temperatures. Not welding shut. Q: How does the state of health (SOH) of the high voltage batteries (HVB) go from 97.5% prior...
  2. Shayne

    AOSK anti-fingerprint HD center monitor screen protector

    Amazon Link After a year of cleaning fingerprints off the middle monitor I decided to install an AOSK anti-fingerprint screen protector. This is a flat glass protector not the wet rubbery stuff that Zagg first came out with way back when. I used the hinge method and it worked well. I cut...
  3. Shayne

    Mach-e dead again

    350 km (220 miles) from home was plugged into 120v and changed up to 100% went in to head home and errors AWD off Service Advance Trac Stop Safety Now Pre-collision Assist Not Available Hill Side Assist Not Available Full Accessory Power Active Pulled the covers hooked up a 15 amp agm charger...
  4. Shayne

    Fusion gets one step closer

    US lab stands on threshold of key nuclear fusion goal
  5. Shayne

    Repopulate Previous Locations

    First time I plugged it in at home to charge it populated Previous Locations with my neighbors address. I put it into saved locations as instructed and then proceeded to setup a schedule. The schedule did not work it started charging as soon as I plugged in and blew right by the change set...
  6. Shayne

    Latest Software Version / Revision Thread

    Latest software tracking. Post newer. posted by @taikajim on July 12,2021 Sync 4 Software Version: 21139_Product Revision: 263 Posted by @chuvisco on June 12, 2021 Sync 4 Software Version: 21008_Product Revision: 252 posted by @Jimrpa on Apr 19, 2021 Sync 4 Software Version...
  7. Shayne

    Trailer Hitch

    This video appears to show a hitch.