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  1. MK_E_4X

    Fabulous Mach-E GT builds done by Performance 28!

    I planning to do this in the future when rear window louver appears on the market. Maybe @AOSK release, I would be first in the line to buy it.
  2. MK_E_4X

    DIY Tutorial for Hardwiring a Dashcam and Radar Detector

    Yes, I run wire under. The rubber seal can be take off very simple, after that you’ll see a lot of space where you can hide the wire. Through the B-pillar I used fish, but instead of going on the top part of the B-pillar I did through the bottom part.
  3. MK_E_4X

    This car is the Greatest Of All Time...

    I’m absolutely agree, for me MME is the greatest car 🤩 ! But hey, every car I owned in my life was the greatest in particular time ;)
  4. MK_E_4X

    Climate settings with powerup 2.8.3 on GT

    Same here, feels like fan speed is very low. I use manual settings and usually set fan speed on level 2 and all was fine, but nearly a week or two I started to set on level 4 and still not enough air flow.
  5. MK_E_4X

    Help me to identify the part number

    Here is the picture of the missing clip. Part number or where can I buy it?
  6. MK_E_4X

    PaaK Oddity (redundant, I know)

    PAAK worked somehow, but since latest update it’s most of the time doesn’t work. Sadly it’s not working when I’m with groceries on parking lot or if I show the neighbors how cool is the car, or when I drop kids at school and car makes terrible honks and no key message pop ups, or when I want...
  7. MK_E_4X

    DIY Tutorial for Hardwiring a Dashcam and Radar Detector

    Thank you all for great guidance. Finally yesterday I had free time to install dashcam. To have parking mode I decided to connect camera to the fuse. The most difficult part was to run the wire through rubber boot on the rear. But with few attempts and forum help I did it successfully. Good...
  8. MK_E_4X

    Unexpected Advantages of MME Ownership?

    While working in hot garage installing DashCam I was glad to find a possibility to turn on AC without be poisoned by carbon monoxide. Attention: don’t run your car while working on fuse box, near wires or airbags
  9. MK_E_4X

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    F150 lighting volume knob. Why ford made different textures? Oh, crazy idea. If it possible to made knob kit done with this texture in Copper color to match rest of GT interior. I’m excited to hear a response from @AOSK. gear light
  10. MK_E_4X

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    I didn’t followed this thread from the beginning☺. Thanks for clarification, Good example what texture I would prefer to have on volume and shifter knob in my MME. Now I have questions to the Ford design team 🤔
  11. MK_E_4X

    Why mixed reviews on Mach-E suspension?

    I think something wrong in quality control on the production line. One car can be good but another can be lemon with many other issues. We also like soft smooth ride, we both hated our premium suspension. With GT trim I almost fine but my wife still hates how the car feels on the road.
  12. MK_E_4X

    Is Mach E extra susceptible to windshield chips?

    For Bay Area it’s common situation, unfortunately. You’re very lucky for 5 years without chips. For my 8 years living in Bay Area I replaced twice windshield on my GL550. On my brand new KIA after a month I bought it I replaced windshield as well. On KIA front bumper and grill has deep chips...
  13. MK_E_4X

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    Not even close for my opinion. As DadzBoyz mentioned a kit for all three knobs done in one style I think will be cool.
  14. MK_E_4X

    Any chance of a metal replacement (mod) for the volume knob?

    Half version looks promising. Sorry if I missed something but I have few questions 1. What material you planning to use? 2. It is something like cover or replacement part? 3. It’s possible to develop other variants of pattern? Current version for me looks like can lead or something very rough...
  15. MK_E_4X

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    It’s works. I thought about to cut it. But this way much better. Thanks 😊
  16. MK_E_4X

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    The Ford logo visible through rear view mirror
  17. MK_E_4X

    Son's Photo MME Premium AWD ER

    As a GT owner, I have nothing against grille wrap. It's our cars and we're free to do what we want. As a fan of keeping the vehicle in original view, I don't like this upgrade.
  18. MK_E_4X

    Is the factory window tint anti-IR/carbon/ceramic?

    From my experience under California sun front windows have no heat protection or very small. About windshield I don’t know exactly. I compared my Kia which has 3m crystalline tint on windshield with my GT with no tint and found no big difference. I suspect GT windshield already have heat...
  19. MK_E_4X

    Help me to identify the part number

    Recently I found out that on driver side under the windshield there’s missing a clip that keeps in place rubber cover. Can someone help me to identify this clip part number.