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  1. Price Protection Refund Tracking - Add Your Status

    Picked my car up on 8/7. Will update when/if I receive the check. Holmes Tuttle Ford.
  2. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Picked ours up yesterday. 10 months, but worth the wait!
  3. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    I just got word from the dealership that it'll arrive today. Anything for you?
  4. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Hey I got the same update! We must have the same person tracking for us :). Mine has to be delivered to Tucson, so it might take a little longer to get a truck filled up to come down here. I wouldn't be disappointed if it showed up at the end of this week though!
  5. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    And when it is considered built is another question. The online tracking has a “built" date for mine of 6/10. But the more detailed tracking I got from the dealer has a "produced" date of May 27 with a "released" date of 6/10.
  6. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    I just got an updated delivery estimate. Moved from July 29 - Aug 4 to Aug 8 - 14
  7. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    How do you see what batch you are in?
  8. TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    Anyone else notice that this has a different build date than the recall/stop sale? Mine was "produced" on May 27 which was after the stop sale but still fits within this TSB.
  9. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Same here. My order was Oct 7.
  10. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    That could be possible. Latest update is that all of those cars are now gone!
  11. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    There were 8 cars with vehicles in them late last week and now its down to 6. So some were moved. They are behind a no trespassing gate so they can't get close enough to see any car numbers though.
  12. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Technically those cars *could* go to Phoenix and offload the cars that are going to that area without having to go to CA.
  13. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    This link is where they indicated that the embargo would continue into August. They indicate that they are increasing permits, but who knows if Ford is even requesting them. Frustrating that a CA embargo is affecting us in AZ like this...
  14. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    Yep. Mine has been there since 7/6 as well. I have a sibling who lives in Holbrook and has been checking to see when they finally move. Still there.
  15. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    I am excited for those getting their cars but it sure is hard seeing people in CA getting their cars right now! I'm in AZ and am being told that mine has been sitting in a rail station 4 hours from me for almost 4 weeks because no automotive train cars are going towards CA. Wth??
  16. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    BNSF has stopped auto shipments to CA to get other things moving.
  17. 05/23/22 Build Week Chat

    My car has been sitting in a train station in AZ for three weeks. Lots of rail delays, especially out west.
  18. BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) Rail Tracking

    It looks like the embargo continues... "As we enter the next phase of our service recovery, we must proactively work together to improve the congestion in California by continuing the embargo into August"...
  19. 6/27/22 Build Week Thread

    How did you track BNSF? Everything I've tried has required a sign in
  20. 4/11/22 build week chat

    Mine has shows that same status (with a different rail car) since Jun 30th. I had assumed that "Shipped Rail" meant that it had left the station. Starting to doubt my estimated delivery of July 29 - Aug 4