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  1. P. T. Magoo

    Charging conditions with home charger

    Up to your discretion of course, but I usually unplug my MME and my wife's plug-in hybrid when lightning is predicted. Our town has state-of-the-art infrastructure for about 1964 so it's not uncommon for us to lose power a few times per year. I've got a big battery and RWD, and she's got...
  2. P. T. Magoo

    Unexpected Advantages of MME Ownership?

    I'm expecting a software update soon. I'd like the car to have a nice full state of charge on the 12-volt when that happens, so I'm hooking it up to the Battery MindEr and the EVSE overnight each night.
  3. P. T. Magoo

    Unexpected Advantages of MME Ownership?

    Hiya folks. What advantages of ownership are you discovering that you never would have predicted? I'll start. And sorry for the rotation on the first two photos. When you need to defrost the garage fridge, temporary food storage is just five feet away!
  4. P. T. Magoo

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    My wife, among others. :rolleyes: Hey glad to hear you're finally getting your car, Kent. ;)
  5. P. T. Magoo

    Help with software update

    I experienced this yesterday. Funny thing is, I started mentally cataloguing the ways the car was behaving differently and actually managed to come up with a few. :oops: Placebo response I guess. 😷
  6. P. T. Magoo

    Draw-Tite Hidden Hitch install -- what do I do with my hidden bumper hole? (3D printing design anyone?)

    My solution might not appeal to you as it'll be harder to remove to get to your hitch, but in case somebody might be interested I'll share my mod here. The nice thing for you is if you used my design you wouldn't have to cut a notch for a permanent receiver like I did, which was kind of a pain...
  7. P. T. Magoo

    Safety Recall 224S1 and 22S29 arrived in the middle of the night!

    Okay well *something* updated on my car last night, or maybe the night before. Noticed the icon on the tablet while driving this morning and pressed it. A dialogue box said "update successful, press here for details" or some such. Pressed for details and it says "you're up to date." Gee...
  8. P. T. Magoo

    5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Yikes. That sure looks like a warranty issue to me. Sorry to see that!
  9. P. T. Magoo

    Embarrassing discoveries?

    I was lamenting how hard it is to find favorite radio stations with no roll-and-seek linked to the volume button like one would expect. I mentioned this to my wife, who rolled her eyes and proceeded to show me how to save radio presets. Virtually the same procedure as in her 2015 Volt. Turns...
  10. P. T. Magoo

    TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    A parable to defend @DevSecOps's thesis... We run into the same thing in medicine all the time. Even in the lowly backwaters of Physical Medicine and Rehab. Chase the pain with pain meds, miss the hip bursitis. Chase the bursitis with therapeutic ultrasound, miss the added joint friction...
  11. P. T. Magoo

    TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    Thanks so much for posting this! Okay so I have a few questions: * Should I stop connecting my 12-volt battery overnight to my Battery MINDer? I've been in the habit of doing this to address any sulfating from transit. I fully understand the car should maintain its own 12 volt battery. *...
  12. P. T. Magoo

    5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    Unless you're handy and have ramps and 1/2 inch sockets, etc., I'd suggest having somebody install it. Check for local places where they sell trailers. Those places often have hitch installation available.
  13. P. T. Magoo

    5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    I picked mine up 6/8 and so far have only managed to put 3629.4 miles on it. I'd say it's about broken in. Loving the car so far! I love to tinker so I was worried there wouldn't be anything to modify. Hah! I've installed a trailer hitch and trailer light wires, holes in the frunk for LVB...
  14. P. T. Magoo

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    It's in this bill's favor that it's not 130 years ago. If cars could still burn coal, it would never get past Manchin's desk. Then again, in some states electric cars still do run mostly on coal don't they? Let's see... which states? Mystery solved. ;)
  15. P. T. Magoo

    🔥 PSA: AVOID 14-50 extensions! What you need to know.

    Thank @AlpaChino you for posting this! Sorry to step on your thread with a long reply, but I figured posting my experience here would make more sense than starting a new thread. I'm in the process of correcting a similar problem. I have learned that at Lowe's, there is a range cord available...
  16. P. T. Magoo

    22S41 Poll

    Went to the dealer before the letter came, service guy said he had no idea what they'd need to do so I should come back once I had the letter. This didn't really amp up my confidence in the dealer's service dept., so now that I have the letter, I'm going to sit tight and wait for the OTA. I...
  17. P. T. Magoo

    Stupid Physics Question

    Actually, it's perfectly plausible that the electric car could actually gain some minuscule but measurable amount of weight by the end of the trip. Especially during Mayfly season.
  18. P. T. Magoo

    Stupid Physics Question

    Depends if you get out to take a leak during the trip.
  19. P. T. Magoo

    Wheel locks?

    My MME came with irregular pattern, spline-type wheel locks, one per wheel. Found the key in the glove box which prompted me to go look at the wheels and sure enough, there they are. I'd suggest looking at your wheels and see if there's already a locking lug nut on each one. For what it's...
  20. P. T. Magoo

    Interior lights

    When I was a kid and dinosaurs roamed the earth, this function was called "courtesy lights." @Gullwingdmc has answered your question with a page from the manual. I applied this advice from the manual and got my courtesy lights to work when any door is opened, including the hatch. Got this...