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  1. AllenXS

    Visit Canada - July 1st on Electrify Canada

    I've enjoyed EA's free days, come and enjoy EC's free days.
  2. AllenXS

    Blue Cruise trying to rear end twice today

    Trying out my blue cross today doing a run down the i5. twice it accelerated towards vehicles in front of me. the first time I took control quickly, the second time I let it go a bit further. The imminent crash warning came up and blue cruise shut down and the car decelerated. thankfully all...
  3. AllenXS

    Extreme Range Anxiety

    With installing an on-wall charger I have become accustomed to having a near full take of electrons waiting to take me forth every day on a new adventure to work and back. But now I am faced with a BECM service recall with no MME for a few weeks. I have been forced to use my wife's Mazda 3 and...
  4. AllenXS

    To infinity and beyond. Charging error to 100%+

    Last month I had a charger installed at my new home, finally moving from L1 to L2 charging. L2 is a lot better way to enjoy the car. Last week I had a charging error show up on the car. Somewhat concerned I unplugged. later I took the car for a drive and it was showing 100%. I thought that...
  5. AllenXS

    Vapourware faults

    Four days ago and yesterday I received the same three faults via message center. Restraints Indicator Lamp Warning, Antilock Brake Fault and Tire Pressure Monitor System Warning. The MME worked fine still and nothing showed up in the vehicle. Called the Ford dealer and they said nothing is...
  6. AllenXS

    FordPass Version 3.27.0 Released for Android

    Downloading at the moment. MyJourneys updated Continuous improvement under the hood
  7. AllenXS

    No charging building unless you're a Tesla because its too dangerous ....

    Noticed the following news article about a local Mach-E owner Charging of electric vehicles in Richmond apartments - Richmond News ( Interesting article on how dangerous it is to charge the Mach-E .... as if Perhaps people should check their facts first! Richmond EV owner...
  8. AllenXS

    Carrying ability - lumber

    I'm losing my Toyota Sienna Van which has an awesome carrying capacity. I should probably get an f150 rather than my FE Mach - E but don't get lumber that often. My question is what do you think the longest piece of lumber will be I can get in?