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  1. Mirak

    Looks like Ford / EA have basically got DCFC working adequately!

    I don’t DCFC very often, and when I do it it is rarely on EA chargers because they aren’t conveniently located on road trips. I’ve got one near my house but I don’t need one near my house. Anyway, I had time to kill and “free” EA kWh to burn so I decided to pop on by this morning. Plug & Charge...
  2. Mirak

    Severe Climate (Control) Change?

    Well this is a new one. Hot summer day, I’m driving to pick up for a play date, I arrive at the driveway, put the car in park, open the rear hatch (don’t know that any of this is relevant), close the rear hatch, shift into reverse, then drive, start driving away. And I notice the AC isn’t...
  3. Mirak

    Opening Doors with PAAK (or not)

    I'm 15mos into ownership and I continue to be frustrated with PAAK allowing me into my car. To be clear, my PAAK failure rate in starting my car is down to less than 5% - I can live with this. But I much more frequently have trouble getting the door locks to recognize PAAK. I'm talking a failure...
  4. Mirak

    EA Invite: Share your feedback on BlueCruise

    I got an email invitation this morning to participate in a survey re BlueCruise. Most of the survey was actually about the “Power Up” (OTA) experience in general. They only asked for thoughts re BC in the last few questions. I shared all my input I’ve previously had about the terrible OTA...
  5. Mirak

    Hey Ford - we want to know how BlueCruise actually works (and sometimes doesn't)

    We've been evaluating BlueCruise for a while now. Lots of questions.... not as many answers. I am starting this thread to hopefully consolidate our questions. Maybe the folks @Ford @Ford Motor Company would be so kind as to make a video answering our questions. Here is my list... please...
  6. Mirak

    “BlueCruise On” (it isn’t)

    So ever since I’ve had BlueCruise, I’ve been getting this message pop up on the IPC every time I engage cruise control, even when I’m not in a Blue Zone. “BlueCruise on Watch the road Be prepared to resume control” I don’t have a picture of the message because I’m too busy watching the road...
  7. Mirak

    My Assessment of BlueCruise

    After my OTAs stalled out on 2.4.2 over a week ago, I got approval to have the dealership install the BlueCruise update yesterday. So I think that makes me one of maybe a few dozen Job 1 2021s that actually narrowly got BlueCruise by the end of Q1 2021, though not OTA. And about 9mos late as...
  8. Mirak

    Sonic's 1 Year Review

    One year ago today, I flew to Denver to pick up Sonic - my Grabber Blue FE - and drive him home to Wichita. That odyssey is detailed here. Sonic is Blucifer's twin and I was only able to get him due to a cancelled pre-order by @Mach-E VLOG. 13,700 miles later, here is my one-year review.... I...
  9. Mirak

    Blank purple infotainment screen while car is off?

    Well here’s a new one. Walked out to the garage and the infotainment screen was on in the car, but blank. Went away when I opened the door. Anybody else ever see this?
  10. Mirak

    EV Charger Tax Credit - Form 8911 - "Tentative Minimum Tax?!"

    I am using TurboTax. Got my $7,500 EV credit no problem. Then I tried to get my 30% credit for the roughly $1,000 I had to spend getting my charger installed in my garage. And TurboTax keeps telling me $0. So I dig into Form 8911. And there I am introduced to a concept called Tentative Minimum...
  11. Mirak

    “System Off to Save Battery” message on display screen

    Well here’s a new one. Opened my car this morning and this was on the screen. Anybody sent that? I have no idea what that means. The chimes when I started the car also sounded different. And my high voltage battery was at 77% this morning. The Mach E never ceases to surprise.
  12. Mirak

    SOLVED (not really): Alarm Motion Sensors Won’t Stay Off

    I hope at least a few others with similar frustrations find this helpful. I had a call with a Ford engineer today, and he explained why I cannot keep the interior motion sensors turned off. TL/DR: It is NOT a bug. Just poor design. But maybe a design that will be improved in the future. [UPDATE...
  13. Mirak

    Pinning down a rear cabin rattle / creaking noise

    My car is a bit noisier than I would like. This isn't road or wind noise, but just your basic intermittent creak/rattle coming from somewhere in the rear. The issue is obviously more pronounced when the car bounces on uneven roads or shifts weight on turns. I think it might be coming from the...
  14. Mirak

    The Super Poll - What Software Enhancements Do You Want Most?

    So back in April 2021, we conducted a poll of what enhancements you are most interested in. Nearly 200 of you voted, and the results were very interesting. Since that time, @Ford Motor Company has given us a few from the list (and a few that weren't - tic-tac-toe OMG SMDH LOL). A few other ideas...
  15. Mirak

    Remote Start always reverts to guest profile?

    Now that it is COLD, I’m finally using remote start. And I’ve gotta say, the climate control stuff works pretty terrific on auto mode! Like, @Ford Motor Company actually did a good job thinking this through! Simple, intuitive, nice and warm when I arrive. Except any use of remote start...
  16. Mirak

    Three extremely random questions…..

    I plugged my car in at some public chargers near the office and it was very cold out. So upon leaving work, I decided to try to do some remote cabin preconditioning before arriving at the car and unplugging. I opened FordPass and quickly realized that I don’t know how to do that. I’ve driven...
  17. Mirak

    Let’s Clean Up FordPass

    The FordPass layout is a messy mess. In this thread, I’d like to make some proposals to clean it up. NOT burn it down and start over, which @Ford Motor Company obviously isn’t going to do, but clean it up around the edges, organize it a bit better, etc. They are obviously taking some of our...
  18. Mirak

    Accidental Unplug - Ford Did Something Smart!!

    So I just gotta say, I’m impressed. I plugged in my car this morning at a free public L2 near the office. I do this about once a week to charge up. Around lunch, FordPass sent me an alert about an “accidental unplug.” I walked over to check it out and, sure enough, some jerk had unplugged my...
  19. Mirak

    What’s the double honk?

    I’ve been doing some door to door recently where I’m getting in and out of the vehicle frequently. I leave the car on, with my phone for PAAK in the car. Sometimes I’ll drive a short distance to a new set of doors. Anyway, maybe once every couple of times getting back in the car it gives me a...
  20. Mirak

    One Pedal Driving Hiccups in Reverse

    This has happened three times to me in the past 6mos / 7,500mi. I keep the car in OPD, but a very few times the OPD has failed to engage the regenerative braking while in reverse. It’s a safety issue, as I’m obviously expecting my car to slow dramatically on its own, and instead it rolls...