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  1. MK_E_4X

    Help me to identify the part number

    Recently I found out that on driver side under the windshield there’s missing a clip that keeps in place rubber cover. Can someone help me to identify this clip part number.
  2. MK_E_4X

    California WTS: OEM all weather floor mats, black A-pillar

    For sale. New never used OEM all weather floor mats $100. New OEM black A-pillars $100
  3. MK_E_4X

    Mach-E Premium DMG color, tailgate misalignment and rear window seal issues

    When I picked up my car, I was a little upset. I discovered some exterior issues. Here are some pictures: It took two visits to the dealer and almost two weeks of waiting and finally, the tailgate was properly adjusted. The window seal they were not able to adjust and will replace it next...