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  1. Kia EV6 GT Kia has given target specs for the GT version, very impressive if the targets are reached. Like its Ioniq-5 stablemate largest battery is smaller than the mach-e but with faster charging may be less of an issue as long as the base range...
  2. GT specs back up on ford site

    Just an FYI the specs for the GT model are now back in the compare section on the ford site, also there is a cgi model of the cyber orange GT as the animation. A few things of note is the that performance edition just appears to have more torque, 634lbs vs 600lbs and less range 235 vs 250, the...
  3. Discovered 2021 Mustang Mach E official page w/ pricing, models, specs, video etc.!!

    As always before any launch you just need to be creative or logical ;) with web address, half the time you will find a part completed web page with locked out links but other bits and you can view