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  1. Slow reaction of pushbuttoms cruise control

    Yeah, I have the same issue, but I learned to apply more force to the buttons and then it works fine most of the times. I'm not a big fan of these buttons.
  2. Desirability of glass roofs.

    I drove my MME on a hot day and I have to say that i felt noticable amount of heat on my head coming from the glass roof. It does a good job stopping the IR radiation, but the roof itself gets really hot so it starts to radiate heat itself. Now, it was not unbearable. I still really like the...
  3. TSB 22-2178 -- HVBJB Replacement - Stop Safely Now Message, Low or Discharged 12V Battery

    What if my HVBJB fails after the warranty period? Will I have to pay for the replacement even though Ford has admitted to having a design flaw?
  4. Reverse Brake Assist Not Available After Software Update and Vinyl Wrap the same week.

    So I finally took my car to the dealership and they fixed it. No warnings when reversing. It was a software fix but I have no idea what exactly was updated.
  5. Reverse Brake Assist Not Available After Software Update and Vinyl Wrap the same week.

    Mine has been like that since I took delivery. I didn't bother to take it to the dealership since everything seems to be working fine.
  6. No simple Climate on Button via ford pass app (EU)

    It is just this one button, no further configuration in Ford Pass unfortunately. You cannot set it to specific temperature. In SYNC settings you can only decide whether you want the remote start to use predefined settings for climate control or the settings from when the car was last used. Also...
  7. Random "Your Backup Start Passcode was used" message

    I received 13 of them within 8 minutes, but that was on June 28.
  8. How I make a makeshift DIY Dog Mode

    Wow, I actually didn't know there was a way to disable the 30-minute shutdown timer.
  9. What features do you think Ford will include in PowerUp 3.0+

    Keep climate on / pet mode should be a quick win. I think Summon might be coming, too.
  10. MME faster than 150kwh in future?

    I don't care much about the peak power but I wish the MME could hold the 150kW for longer than just a few minutes.
  11. Ceremony by Joy Division on the B&O Sound System

    I recently had a chance to do a quick test of the B&O system and I had the same impression. I played with the fader settings, enabled Surround sound and it was much better for my taste, but I'm still a little bit concerned that it may bother me when I finally get the car.
  12. Remote Park / Summon feature discovered in FordPass App. Would you use?

    So I've been following this forum for some time but just registered basically to say: Yes, I'd love to see these features come to MME. I have a parking spot next to a pillar which stands in the way of the back door when the car is parked. And since my kid travels in the back on the pillar's...