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  1. P. T. Magoo

    Unexpected Advantages of MME Ownership?

    Hiya folks. What advantages of ownership are you discovering that you never would have predicted? I'll start. And sorry for the rotation on the first two photos. When you need to defrost the garage fridge, temporary food storage is just five feet away!
  2. P. T. Magoo

    How do I know when I've had an OTA update?

    Apologies if this is answered somewhere else in multiple threads. I did use search, honest. How do I know what software version or update number I'm running, and how do I know whether I've had an update? The manual doesn't seem helpful here, and the big screen in the car always just says...
  3. P. T. Magoo

    5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    This will be my first time starting a thread here. Didn't see a thread started yet so here goes. Hope I don't break anything... Got my build date verbally with a VIN number when I went in to check on my order Thursday 4/7/22. Guy at the dealership said, "Oh. Yeah, looks like that got...