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  1. Weird Front Passenger Door Behavior

    Can anyone else confirm if this is a known issue or can be replicated on your car? I approach the front passenger door, fob in my right hand. Using fob-hand, hit the unlock button. Door button flashes and it makes noise like it wants to do something, but doesn't. Doesn't unlock, no mirrors out...
  2. Time change or lack thereof?

    So we didn't wake the MME yesterday, on time change day. I don't recall any issues with the clock around fall-back, but come this morning, Jeeves is happily telling us it is an hour earlier in the day than it is. Anyone else see issues around the spring forward time change?
  3. Does your shark fin wobble?

    Hey folks, I noticed yesterday that our shark fin antenna on the back is "lifted" off the plastic insert it sits on behind the pano glass roof. I can see clear across the car under the front or back depending how it is sitting. It moves around if I push it gently. It will sit flush if I push...