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  1. Anybody else getting "the look"?

    That's what this forum is for!😁
  2. Is the Mach E a viable long range daily commuter?

    I should have added my car has a 28 kWh battery. So it's about a 15% difference in range. (84 vs 98 miles.)
  3. 2021 Mustang Mach-E: How fast does the Ford EV charge up on road trips?

    There are definitely times you need more then 80 miles or so, and yes, that's going to add some time. It's a compromise. Most EA chargers are right off the freeway and pretty easy to find, in my experience. But probably still easier to find a gas station. ;)
  4. Is the Mach E a viable long range daily commuter?

    So under the theory "you don't drive cars on paper," I took my Ioniq out tonight for a 120 mile drive. It was 31F, calm wind and it was night. I kept my cabin temp at 70F and my heated seat on low. I drove the first half of the 60 mile leg at 75 then slowed to 65. (Mostly because I entered...
  5. 2021 Mustang Mach-E: How fast does the Ford EV charge up on road trips?

    Batteries like to operate in the 75-95F degree range. Until Ford updates the car with battery preconditioning like Tesla or Porsche, I don't think the ME will reach that 150kW peak except in summer months. That's the first thing I said, too. I wonder where they found that number. It's a...
  6. Is the Mach E a viable long range daily commuter?

    I've seen this on the forum a few times. I don't think people are really understanding the logic behind it. My car has an EPA range of 124 miles. In the summer I can get more like 140, and in the winter closer to 110. (Also only an 80% drop, not 60%.) I live in Detroit area. I've driven it to...
  7. ARTICLES Compilation: Mach-E First Drive Reviews

    The motors and battery can get warm as you drive. But you really have to push them hard. (Drive fast and regen hard.) And there is no engine to get heat from! Meaning you have to replace that with another form of heater. Either a resistance heater to stand in place of an engine or a heat pump...
  8. Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    So, I don't know about the MY, but the standard range plus model 3 has a peak charging speed of only 170kW. And I believe that's only on the V3 Superchargers. On the older chargers it peaks at 120kW. Like I said, not sure about the MY, but I wouldn't necessarily think the SR MY would get 250kW.
  9. PBP for Mach-E

    If this is part of the comparison, then all BEVs are out of your equation. Range isn't everything. It seems to me that you're picking what to compare so that an ICE vehicle will always come out on top. That's fine, we all feel the need to justify purchases, especially big ones. 230 miles, or 210...
  10. 2021 Mach-E Premium AWD Road Test Review | The Cayenne of Mustangs [Autoblog]

    I'll be taking my for some long trips when I get it. Scheduled build date 2/14. So it probably won't be until April. But I'll be sure to post here if no one else does it before then.
  11. New Hyundai Ionic 5 EV to pull off impressive range

    Tesla does have great efficiency. But you know what's better? The Hyundai Ioniq. Just check the EPA MPGe. Although I'm not sure about the new 2021 models. I'm very much looking forward to this car. If it was just coming out a bit earlier I might be on their forum right now. Range isn't really...
  12. PBP for Mach-E

    I'd be interested in what you compared for costs of the vehicles. This is all USA prices. I priced out a Honda CR-V, as that's much more in line with the Mach E. (You even say something about the Escape instead of the Ecoboost, so you probably agree with me there.) After just the federal tax...
  13. Stupid questions from EV newbie

    Ford recommends only charging to 90%. Most people I know charge to 80%. I keep my Ioniq around 50-60% unless I know I'm going to need the range. I do routinely charge to 100%, but when I do, I'm driving for a fair bit almost immediately. I do not let my car sit at 100% charge for very long...
  14. Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    I'll agree we all hope it gets better after 80%, but we were talking about advertised speeds. Of which, Ford has promised 45 minutes from 10-80%. (ER battery) We've seen in a few videos that seems to be the case.
  15. Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    I was also referencing those same videos. ;) The Tom Moloughney one is the one where I believe he said he thought a true 10-80% would be 40 minutes. There's also a lot of data on this thread here.
  16. Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    I'll have to disagree with you there. So far, as far as I know, TFL is the worst experience we've seen. We've seen the plug and charge work seamlessly, and we've seen a few videos where the speed is right on point for that 10-80% in 45 minutes. And I think there's even one video when they...
  17. Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    Have you seen the TFL video where the MY charged below 70kw? (Now I think that video was a bad showing for both of those cars. The batteries were cold. And I'm not convinced they had a MME that had plug and charge activated.)
  18. MME Charging Curve Data Collection

    I don't believe they do have plug and charge yet. I believe this is Kyle just starting the charge from the app. If you pull into a charging stall at EA, you can start the charge session from your phone. Then you can get out and plug in. I believe this is what he did in this video. Could be...
  19. TFL's Love and Hate list of Mach-E after a week of driving

    This is the first standard range car I've seen be charged. However there are plenty of videos showing the extended range charging faster then what he said he got. I think it comes down to battery temperature. I know he said he has a heated garage, but I don't even keep my house warm enough in...
  20. Charging FAIL & GREAT Surprise When We Compare The Model Y & Mach-E On The World’s Toughest EV Test!

    If it's the performance you're worried about; that's fast charging on a cold battery. I know they drove far, but unless they were tearing it, those batteries on both cars are going to be cold. You can see it in the MY, too. Charging for more than 8 minutes would have let the battery warm up and...