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  1. BadaBing

    Modified Mach-E GT imagined with lowered suspension, aftermarket wheels, etc.

    This guy did a bang up job and man does this look good. I spot lowered suspension, aftermarket wheels (Volk) and tires, more aggressive hood, door handle delete, painted fender flares, tinted tail lights, silver paint.
  2. BadaBing

    Sync 4A Review From Preproduction Mach-E Hands-On Experience

    Nice to see some hands on review. But they should have made clear in the article that they were in a preproduction Mach-E and that the Sync4A they used will likely be further tweaked a. "Sync 4 also involves a lot of animations that aren’t quite as smooth as you’d expect in 2020. Still, as a...
  3. BadaBing

    UK Pricing Lowered For RWD Extended Range Mach-E, Qualifying Some Configurations For Tax Credit

    That's great news. Has there been a price drop across the board on all trims / configurations? Or just for the extended range RWD model?
  4. BadaBing

    Mach-E order bank opens May 11, 2020 (Update: possibly delayed to June-July)

    Nice. Looks like Ford is keeping the Mach-E on schedule as of now. How many reservations have you guys received and are you guys charging ADM? I'm a local buyer.
  5. BadaBing

    CNET Roadshow: Mach-E Mustang AWD First Ride Review! (Winter Driving)

    I think Ford is aware of that and will tune the suspension for the average buyer of ra crossover, which means it won't be too firm. The GT will be the one for people who want a firmer suspension, and the Shelby version even beyond that.
  6. BadaBing

    First Impression: Was prepared not to like it...

    Thanks for the feedback. And that's nice praise coming from a GM guy and someone with an aesthetic eye! About roof rack, even if there's no factory option you can always use seasucker rack to carry your canoe, bike, skis, snowboard, etc.
  7. BadaBing

    Mach-E GT vs GT Performance

    I like the look of the GT's carbonized grille but may wrap it with satin/matte black vinyl for a no grille look. I've always liked how much sportier and aggressive the Mustang looks with a grille delete.
  8. BadaBing

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Sounds like you're talking about having creep mode enabled on the Mach-E, but wanting it to creep less than in a Tesla?
  9. BadaBing

    Mach-E GT vs GT Performance

    I hope that price difference more or less holds true for the US market also. Not bad at all especially if it makes the magneride suspension standard.
  10. BadaBing

    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Yep. True for any car. Thin wide plates just match and blend into a front bumper better.
  11. BadaBing

    These Mach-E wheels could be the design under the aero covers

    Definitely my favorite design after the 20" GT wheels. Funny how they cover up such a nice design, like Tesla did with the Model 3 aero wheels. I happen to think those are the best looking too besides the Performance model wheels.
  12. BadaBing

    What is a Ford EV / Mach-E Certified Dealer?

    Do we know if all 3000 dealers will be EV / Mach-E certified at some point, or some of them will never sell the Mach-E?
  13. BadaBing

    Ford Using Virtual Reality to Train Service Technicians on Mach-E Mustang

    Here's another article on VR training for Mach-E technicians.
  14. BadaBing

    Tuning the Mach-E

    And the great part of the Mach-E is that the tune software can be delivered via OTA update. No more bringing your car to a tuner in to be plugged into a software loader or sending your ECU in to get bench flashed.
  15. BadaBing

    Limited supply of automotive-grade lithium

    Like Ford, Lucid Air is also using LG Chem as their battery supplier and it sounds like by using cylindrical battery cells instead of pouch-style cells, they're avoiding the battery constraint that's causing Audi to pause production of the E-Tron. Do we know if the Mach-E uses cylindrical or...
  16. BadaBing

    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Ah I missed that. The tow hook can be used for a no-drill license plate placement then. Like this.
  17. BadaBing

    Body color painted wheel arches vs black wheel arches

    Can't be hard. Usually just held on with clips and/or bolts. I prefer body colored arches too, they make the wheel well look smaller and wheels look bigger as a result.
  18. BadaBing

    First Production Mach-E Model? [Update: This Is First Assembly Line Made Pre-Production Unit]

    Yep since there's no openings on the front bumper of the Mach-E, nor a tow hook, aftermarket plate holders will likely be mounted like that from underneath the front bumper.
  19. BadaBing

    Creep mode on Mach-E

    Makes sense. I think this is how it'll work too. I like the engineer's approach of something for everyone -- one pedal driving or not, creep or not.
  20. BadaBing

    Anyone else having trouble deciding? Mach-E GT?

    It’s not just faster acceleration and dressed up looks. GT’s magneride suspension will also be exclusive to the GT model.