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  1. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    Does anyone know what happens if you do Ford Options and make extra payments and then want to walk away at the end? Do they give you $$ back equal to the amount you over paid beyond the buy out price?
  2. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    I intended this as being a survey just for those who are purchasing the vehicle, although I understand that Ford Options is kind of a hybrid option.
  3. Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    A benefit of Ford Options is a $2500 credit, but this comes at a higher APR of 2.25%. A benefit of Ford Financing is a lower APR of 0.9% (48 months) or 1.9% (60 months), but no credit. (There’s also a 72 month option at a much higher 3.9%!) There are other pros/cons including a lower monthly...
  4. Mach Drop Build Updates

    Here’s the timeline of my Drop: -Scheduled to be built week of 1/5 -build completed 1/11 -Shipped 1/20 -ETA of 3/1 for delivery to my dealer (San Diego) No emails from Ford. These updates first showed up on Ford’s website VIN tracker.
  5. Mach Drop Build Updates

    My Mach Drop order just updated tonight to show an estimated arrival date of March 1st (San Diego). It’s happening!!
  6. Ford's tax credit availability

    If the law stays the same then, all Mach Es sold next year will likely get the full tax credit. However, the democratic congress is planning on making lots of tax changes and many of them focus on reducing/eliminating tax credits for those making a decent amount of money, so there’s a chance...
  7. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    In that tracker it still shows scheduled for production, not yet built or shipped. My dealer checked and said it finished being built about a week and a half ago, but wasn’t sure about the status of shipment at that time.
  8. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    Ford Tracker shows production date of 1/12, and the sticker showed 1/12 for the last week but updated to 1/19 today, but with no change in the tracker. Ford’s VIN tracker shows still in production with a 1/12 date. Does this change in date on the bottom of the sticker likely mean it was shipped...
  9. Mach Drop Build Updates

    My sticker updated to 1/19/2021 on the bottom, after being built on 1/12/21, but no update on status in Ford tracker or the shop form sites. Hoping this means it’s close to shipping.
  10. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Saw this live this morning! Was tempted to get in my car and drive to KUSI to check out my soon-to-be FE in GB!
  11. Poll — Mach Drop Orders

    Awesome! My FE shows the same production date! Fingers crossed mine will arrive in about a month too.
  12. Poll — Mach Drop Orders

    That’s awesome! Congrats! Mind if I ask what your “production date” shows on the tracker?
  13. Mach Drop Build Updates

    My receipt date is two days before you (10/5) but still no production date. Mine is grabber blue too. Hopefully it’ll update in the next couple days.
  14. CA Route 1 spotted in Del Mar, CA

    I know. I thought the same thing. Likely pre-production. Still thought it was interesting that it was a Route 1.
  15. CA Route 1 spotted in Del Mar, CA

    CA Route 1 spotted on the road in Del Mar, CA.
  16. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    Good tip! I could totally see every single employee and their dad taking turns driving the first Mach Es that arrive.
  17. Mach-E retail deliveries begin! -- First to customer in Dallas

    Interesting how the first delivery in TX, and likely one of the first few nationwide, is a Route 1 rather than a FE.
  18. Mach Drop Build Updates

    My sticker is blue and my build date is 1/ least it was as of about a week ago, but maybe it got moved up since then? It would be nice if that was the reason for the blue vs green though.
  19. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Where did you find this update? The Ford tracker link? Or elsewhere?