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  1. I just received my Mach-E First Edition (in California)!

    Tax credit, not deduction.
  2. Jonny Smith's Late Brake Show Reviews the Mach-E!

    a good 10 minutes of content in his 30+ minute video
  3. My Mach-E is on its way!

    To make up for the delay, Ford announced today that all customers will be provided with an installed front plate bracket with a bonus extra large plate holder.
  4. It's not yours until you do something to it?

    The main things I will do to make it feel like mine is to set the personal settings (seat, mirrors, driving mode, etc.), link my phone, and drive it. To be honest, I will feel it is mine once I have charged it with the L2 in my garage and then driven it enough to need to charge it again. Oh...
  5. Build Date Overdue and No Updates

    And, that helps to explain why USPS is losing more money than most of us could count. I think a lot of comments are seeking best practices. USPS has been hampered, apparently by intent. Let's hope Ford can seek and emulate some best practices.
  6. Build Date Overdue and No Updates

    Just want to say that this response was helpful, polite, thoughtful, and very nice. Much better than some of the responses from others (IMHO). Thank you.
  7. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Understood. But, let me attempt to be charitable to those who have trouble finding Tracking. From my years of web design work, I have accepted that, if a series of users repeatedly can't find something easily, the site is probably not designed to help a user find it easily. Yes, I accept that...
  8. Stupid questions from EV newbie

    Lots of good answers but here is another way to think of it: if you plan to drive the same as you drove your ICE vehicle, plan to spend on electric to charge your car at home about 1/3 what you spent on gas to drive the ICE vehicle. That will vary, of course, based on your local cost of...
  9. Green Car Reports does 70mph highway test with Premium AWD Extended Range Mach-E, gets EPA range

    I have done a number of stints teaching for UH and love visiting as a responsible tourist. Ah, those were the days--when we could travel!
  10. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    And one from Wisconsin would be "Both Ohio and Michigan are correct"
  11. Pedestrian Detection?

    Sony is making some great mirrorless cameras. Mine is a Canon EOS R5. Love it!
  12. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Some people might go full Andy when they see you using the Karen slur.
  13. Pedestrian Detection?

    Technology of this sort is out there and improving. My current mirrorless DSLR camera can detect humans or animals and can be set to focus on the eye or the body. It does a pretty good job of picking out a person or animal even when it is a small part of the scene and tracks it quite well...
  14. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    You guys are overly optimistic believing that any of the three would provide the correct answer.
  15. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    One simple way: have all/most of your money in a Roth IRA and not have taxable level earned or taxable investment income. Assuming you are "of age" for withdrawals and your Roth has been open at least five years, none of the withdrawals are taxable. There are others ways this could happen.
  16. Fordpass Alexa Skill, Google Home

    I am not sure that is entirely accurate for the Bolt. When I pre-heat or cool my Bolt, it might look like it is started and "on" (heat/AC running, running lights on) but it is only pre-conditioning and cannot be driven unless I enter with my key fob and press the start button. So I would say...
  17. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I agree. In my Bolt, I have ATT hot spot and my T-Mobile phone. Sometimes ATT has better reception in a specific spot and sometimes T-Mobile has better reception. Having also tried ATT phones in the Bolt, it appears that the signal is stronger for the car's ATT hotspot than for an ATT phone's...