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  1. 06VistaGT

    New England Build Dates

    Patiently waiting for a shipping date for my 1/9 build. And despite what the other thread/poll says, I consider central ct to be new england. Fairfield County may be "tri-state", but no one north of New haven considers themselves part of the tri-state area, imo.
  2. 06VistaGT

    Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    I seem to recall airbag recalls for both my '06 mustang and '06 explorer. My Ford pass app even tells me I still need to do it for the mustang passenger airbag, though I am 95% confident i did have that done several years ago. Not sure if the recall mentioned above is the same or not.
  3. 06VistaGT

    What else have you electrified?

    Its amazing how far the battery powered equipment has come in just the last few years. I bought a snow joe 100v 2 stage snowblower last month. Only 1 snow storm so far, but power is not an issue at all. Never bogged down once in 8-12 inches of snow. It was relatively dry snow, so take that for...
  4. 06VistaGT

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Submitted an updated form with my build date = 01/09/2021
  5. 06VistaGT

    New England Build Dates

    Got my build date this morning. Completed on 1/9!
  6. 06VistaGT

    New England Build Dates

    I am scheduled for week of 1/3, so expecting a built date to fill in on the tracker by the end of next week.
  7. 06VistaGT

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    They have been pretty responsive, so I am going to go with "unknowingly ignorant". Agreed that I could raise it up, but figure I will find out soon enough via the tracking site. Oh, and sorry for the slight hijack. I do not have a mach drop fe. Just a premium with the same build dates...
  8. 06VistaGT

    Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN #

    Mine shows a gray outline with no image. As long as the window sticker has the correct data, I wouldn't be concerned.
  9. 06VistaGT

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Your dates are the same as mine, except the build date (still blank). Will be refreshing throughout the day. Oh, and my dealer told me this AM that they have no way to tell build status. Makes me glad to have this forum!
  10. 06VistaGT

    Have you ever owned a Mustang

    My whole family has had numerous Mustangs. Father, mother, brother and sister. I currently own an 86 GT (drag car only at this point) and an 06 GT. And my 4 yr old son has a power wheels Mustang. All are blue. Will do some cool photos once I get my infinite blue Mach E.
  11. 06VistaGT

    Mach-E retail deliveries begin! -- First to customer in Dallas

    I honestly cannot blame the dealer for trying to get what they can for it. Assuming the car was obtained "by the rules" and the prospective owner backed out, I feel the dealer is well within their rights to price as they see fit. I hope that most orders go to the original owners, though!
  12. 06VistaGT

    2020 Doug Awards: Mach-E is Runner Up for "Biggest Surprise" of 2020

    Looks like the 2021 awards were released in December: Considering the timing, maybe Mach E is in the running for 2022?
  13. 06VistaGT

    Mach-E retail deliveries begin! -- First to customer in Dallas

    Considering Ford seems to have accelerated shipping on a small quantity of customer cars to meet the "late 2020" goal (commendable), anyone else find it strange that some of them are finding unwilling buyers? Maybe these were not ordered as standard customer cars? That would be contrary to what...
  14. 06VistaGT

    New EPA data posted for Mach-E models

    They look to be the same:
  15. 06VistaGT

    Car Seats

    A larger child in a rear facing seat may be tricky to lift in and out without a bump or two. Front facing will be fine. Will report once I get mine, as I have one of each!
  16. 06VistaGT

    Changing Dealers

    When the non-GT reservations were able to be switched to orders (late June, early july), several people changed dealers, including me. At that time, there was a Ford phone number to call and you told them the new dealer. It took a few days to see it in your online reservation. I am pretty sure...
  17. 06VistaGT

    Mach E not a new generation?

    Next generation Mustang doesn't come out until 2023 (or later?). So a 2021 is a 6th generation vehicle. At least that is my guess as to how they are interpreting the discussion. Feels like progress considering the answer wasn't "Mustangs don't have 4 doors!" ...and I currently own an 06 GT and...
  18. 06VistaGT

    Discount off retail for the Mach E

    Thanks. Looking at the current rules, it specifically states that order from production is qualified but that dealer inventory is optional (up to dealer). You must be right. At the time, the retro mustang was pretty popular and maybe exempted in some way.
  19. 06VistaGT

    Discount off retail for the Mach E

    For non-mach e cars, I believe the x-plan details specify that it only applies to dealer stock. I ran into this problem when i wanted to order my '06 mustang. Not a single dealer in my state would offer x-plan pricing for an order, as they were not required to. I had to go to a much larger...