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  1. Rabidsquirrel22

    Embargo lifted! Discuss the Mach-E first drive videos/articles HERE

    The Edmunds video states that they got 304 miles of real world range in their EV test loop with a Premium 4X!!!
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    GT specs back up on ford site

    100% agree. For that price over the premium, the 360 degree camera and prep package should be standard. Make the panoramic roof optional if you really want to pinch pennies.
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    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Lots of awesome pics thanks to Out of Spec.
  4. Rabidsquirrel22

    Mach-E Press Event on 11/22

    That’s so awesome to hear Kyle! I’ve been a long time subscriber and I’m really looking forward to your thoughts and tests!
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    Mileage for Extended Range Mach-E Models Revealed in EPA Emissions Certifications

    If this is true, they really should think about unlocking some of that extremely conservative 10kw battery buffer. No other EV I can think of restricts that much of the pack from being usable.
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    Mach E Rattle Issue

    Yeah, I hate piano black on center consoles because of the scratching too. Hopefully, the aftermarket comes out with decals or wraps to cover it up as they've done for Tesla's center consoles.
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    Mach E Rattle Issue

    I've got a 2018 Escape, which has an interior filled with significantly more cheap plastic than the Mach-E, and it doesn't have any rattles.
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    Video: Cuautitlan Plant Employees Drive the Mach-E on Factory Test Track

    This was posted on our company homepage today. See video @ Cuautitlan Plant Feels the Power of Mustang Mach-E 100 salary employees at Cuautitlan...
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    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    I've seen it on one Mach-E tester and a lot of 2021 F-150s, which will also be offering it.
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    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Spotted today in MI. PSA, Space White is definitely closer to a light gray than a white in person. I work for Ford and have seen this color on plenty of vehicles now.
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    Ford Announces RWD WLTP Range Increase, Norwegian Orders Starting September 17th

    Not completely. EVs normally consume more power climbing hills than they are able to regen going down.
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    Interesting, nobody considers that thing an SUV and yet this will be the same height and probably have similar ground clearance.
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    Is that C-Max parked next to the blue one on the right? If so, the Mach-E sure is a lot lower than I thought it was! That's a good thing IMO. That means it will probably have much better handling than if it was tall like an Escape.
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    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Awesome pictures! Probably my favorite shots of the GT that I've seen yet. Thanks for taking them!
  15. Rabidsquirrel22

    Infinite Blue or Antimatter Blue

    Antimatter blue hands down.
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    20" forged aluminum wheel teaser from Mach-E GT evaluation time

    I’m dying for more info on the GT and what the option packages + costs will be.
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    Spotted in Michigan. Photo credit: local Facebook group I’m in
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    Mach E's Adaptive Cruise Control (without Hands-Free)

    If you ignore the chimes, they will get louder, then adaptive cruise and lane centering will turn off, so the car will stop steering and start slowing down since you're not on the gas. This is how it worked on the Escape I tried it on at least. I'd assume it works the same way in other Ford...