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  1. Sneezy

    More Mach-E Tour Stops Added (NM, NV, NY, NJ, new: PA)

    I picked Yorkville so I don't have to take a day off from work. 11-12 slot.
  2. Sneezy

    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    " luxurious, like a nice Cadillac " Great, I hate the ride in my Caddy XT4! Touring is to bouncy, Sport rides worse than my 2000 Trans Am and AWD mode is half way and the best. I can't wait for the Mach E!
  3. Sneezy

    What else have you electrified?

    It makes them compliant. I love my Rad. I rode 24 miles before work this morning. I just passed 1400 miles on it. I did 850 last year and I'm hoping to hit 2K before winter. It really depends on how far you want to go. I can go 30-40 miles on a charge. My back starts complaining around 25...
  4. Sneezy

    What else have you electrified?

    I have all electric lawn equipment and an e-bike. I'm a techy kind of guy. I speak to Google and turn on lights, answer my doors the same way. I rarely use paper and my office is as paperless as you can get! We also have 2 Prius in the driveway. Wife and kids. I still have my Trans Am.
  5. Sneezy

    dog mode

    Yep! Ford needs to be able to listen and implement like Tesla does. They are GREAT at innovation and I hope it sets the bar REALLY high for the rest. They need to listen to the people that buy from them. I have a Caddy XT4 and the impression that I get at the dealer (and can't contact Caddy...
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    My wife is on board with the Cyber Orange! Not that it matters....
  7. Sneezy


    I might change my order from Silver to Orange when the time comes!
  8. Sneezy

    Breaking: 2021 Mach-E Specs Increased Across The Board (HP, LB-FT, KW)!

    It's fun! Need, no, want yes. I'm a muscle car guy and love the thrill, handling etc. My 2000 Trans Am handles like a go cart.
  9. Sneezy

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING from the dealership you put your reservation with yet? I have not.

    I have not. Eventually I'll contact my Fleet guy at the Chevy dealer and have him look into it. They have a ton of brands under their name. The Ford dealer is about 30 miles from my house.
  10. Sneezy

    Mach-E Engineering Manager Explains How They’re Keeping Development on Track From Home
  11. Sneezy

    🤦🏻‍♂️ Really!?

    I remember when GM considered making Corvette a brand of it's own or rumors floated about it. Even an SUV. People got their panties all in a twist over that. I wasn't a fan of the Mustang name on this at first but it's grown on me and I understand why.
  12. Sneezy

    Mustang Mach-E development doesn't stop for virus

    This is awesome! I have been working at home for 4 years now. I love watching people forced to adapt to this and do it well. Can't wait for mine!
  13. Sneezy

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    I'm hoping that Ford will offer up some cheap wheel options like GM did with my Camaro's and the Vette I had configured but opted out for for now.
  14. Sneezy

    Beat the Rush. Order a vanity plate yet?

    I'll keep mine!
  15. Sneezy

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hey everyone. I'm in Central NY (not near the city). I've reserved a GT in Silver. I love the Grabber Blue but my son has my wife's old 2010 Blue Prius, she has a 2018 Blue Prius (I did have a 2017 Blue Camaro....). I have a 2000 Red Trans Am (garage queen) and my daily drive is a leased Black...