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  1. Sneezy

    Nikola Badger open for reservations

    My brother put in a reservation for one. He will most likely be out hunting and not go "the world".
  2. Sneezy

    Cadillac Lyriq debut today - will Ford give us any news to steal their thunder?

    It looks huge. Looks. I have a Caddy XT4 which the Mach E will replace. Even on the XT, Caddy seems to be behind. The transmission sucks as well. It looks cool but it's late to the market and it's to big for me. I put my wife and kids (they were smaller then but still...I can pack light) in my...
  3. Sneezy

    Real World range testing reveals differences between stated/print "EPA ranges" for most vehicles.

    I'm not going to read every comment but I'll throw in my .02 anyway. I have read how the EPA tests and I'm not a fan. I think they could do more extensive testing. They will not, ever never, no how in any way shape or form (how badly can I phrase this?) test and report on anything over the...