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  1. Mach-E GT vs GT Performance

    Doubtful they'll have a buffer on the top end of the battery. When people charge to max, they want the max. Tesla automatically kills regen braking if you charge to max.
  2. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    I reserved at Tommie Vaughn Ford in Houston. Salesman I spoke with said they won't be marking up the Mach-E, but he knows next to nothing about it. I'm taking it with a grain of salt. He said they would be marking up the GT500 they're getting lol.
  3. Traditional Mustangs and Mach-E Ownership

    I had a 1986 GT and a 2004 GT, currently driving a 2015 GT. Selling the latest one for the Mach-E GT. I don't think the Mach-E is a Mustang. It's a cool electric crossover.
  4. PRNDL on the prototype

    I have no clue what L position will be used for. Every EV should have regenerative braking (and therefore one pedal driving) by default. If you're not clear on the concept, it's hard to explain more. I'd recommend scheduling a test drive with Tesla. You will notice it immediately and become...
  5. PRNDL on the prototype

    Yeah it's kind of like engine braking. And yeah, it's a little more aggressive. But in an EV it's very linear, sometimes a manual ICE isn't, especially at low revs. And of course, you can't stall or anything. But it's always the same force no matter what speed or what, so very easy to modulate...
  6. New Members Introduction Thread

    Thanks! Correct, I'm selling the GT in favor of the Mach-E GT. I'll miss the noise and will probably be grieving for a while, but it's the right thing for me and mine. And yes, the Mach-E is very appealing. I should clarify that I worked at Tesla (but no longer). It is a testament to the...
  7. New Members Introduction Thread

    What's up everyone. Placed my reservation for the GT trim a few days ago, and anxiously awaiting it until then. Going to be a long year. Currently driving a 2015 Mustang GT 5.0, which is my third Mustang, so I'm a lifelong Mustang enthusiast.. Going to miss the noise and feel of this one, but...