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  1. Vital info before entering a Carwash

    Don't forget about automatic brake hold, which I'm assuming the Mach E will have like other Fords. That's the feature that lets you take your foot off the brake at stoplights without the car creeping Forward. Switching to neutral doesn't automatically cancel this in my Explorer, I learned last...
  2. Next Gen Mustang - why not just create an electric 2 door Mustang Coupe and GT from the Mach-e platform?

    Simply, the Mach E platform is pure electric, and the Mustang is ICE with a driveshaft for RWD. Their architectures are as different as Apples and Windows. You know how it's hard to shoehorn an electric drivetrain onto an ICE platform? It's similarly difficult to shoehorn an ICE onto an electric...
  3. Anybody else getting "the look"?

    After the 2017 Mustang convertible my wife always wanted, she's kind of in the camp that this isn't a real Mustang. When I talk about it, she just kind of changes the subject. It's odd, because she absolutely detests our current Explorer as much as I do (it's an okay car; it's just a "toaster,"...
  4. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    You might be teasing, but for others that are reading, NHTSA shows things are officially considered "recalls," and not just any random factory work. "Recalls" can be voluntary or mandated, and are exclusively for safety-related issues. You'll never see a NHTSA recall because EPA range isn't met...
  5. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I always like the folks at Wixom Assembly. It's a General RV and a Menard's now. Just curious, how did you score the invite?
  6. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    Based on my experience, my personal, non-official response is, I can tell you that vehicles are not ever sent back to the factory for rework. Depending on the type and amount of work that has to be performed, Ford will either pay the dealer to do the work, or will assemble teams near rail- and...
  7. It's not yours until you do something to it?

    Hopefully it's not the same as what made my Explorer mine: a foot-sized dent in the liftgate due to frustration that it wouldn't latch and stay closed.
  8. Poll: Who Will Need a Trailer Hitch for MME?

    The only reason I say "Might be useful" is because I have another car with a hitch. Definitely WANT one, which is different than NEED one.
  9. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    So, I suppose no one heard the bad news about Martinrea, and the potential two-week delay in MME production? If any Martinrea insiders are around, some comments from you would be appreciated right about the time everyone with a build date in the next couple of weeks starts panicing.
  10. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    I won't do this for everybody, but… In Production At Plant Ford Mexico Cuautitlan Assembly, EM Jan-07-2021, 00:00 EST TBD TBD N/A Awaiting Shipment Released Ford Mexico Cuautitlan Assembly, EM Dec-30-2020, 00:00 EST TBD TBD N/A I'm not sure why this is reverted to In Production. Perhaps...
  11. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    It's showing as invalid in the visibility system, too.
  12. Charging Etiquette

    How do you know? For example, the airport has charging spots in long term parking. They're obviously not meant for short term parking. I assume that similar spots in shopping malls are similarly meant for parking (bonus charging), and not "this is a charging cluster." If the charging area...
  13. Mach-E EPA Ratings Revealed in Window Sticker!

    Lake Superior doesn't extend to the Maritime Provinces, though.
  14. What Do You Think of GM's New Logo?

    Juvenile, but that might work. I hate it, but that generally means it will succeed.
  15. Demographics of MME buyers

    With all the discussion about post-graduate degree, why is not one asking the Canuck why there's both a "college" and "university" option? :p I already know the answer, but most Americans don't.
  16. Would gaming on the center display be a feature you would use if it was part of an OTA? Would you pay for it as an OTA?

    We had a survey for this at work today; the games were pretty stupid, but I tried to be optimistic in my responses. The truth is, I have a cell phone, and I'm not likely to raise my arm to use a stupid screen when I have my cell phone available.
  17. 3,129 Mach-E Mustangs Produced in December 2020, 3 Officially Sold

    My ETA switched from 31-December-2020 this morning to 01-January-1990 just a few hours ago! What really hurts, though, is my car was built on 30-October.
  18. Have you ever owned a Mustang

    I had a red 2017 Ecoboost I4 convertible. I didn't really want it, but my wife did, so it was our daily driver until the kid came along. It was a nice Mustang, but a terrible daily driver for a 46 year old. Too low to the ground, and a PITA to get in and out of. And as for performance, I live in...
  19. X plan in Canada??

    How far are you from Michigan? Ontarians quite regularly purchase cars from Detroit and Port Huron area dealers. I'm not sure if Mach E is on the approved list yet, but aside from cheaper prices, pretty much anyone in Michigan will participate in X-Plan (not necessarily for Mach E, though...
  20. Bosch Doesn’t Like Electric Cars

    That's the way the economy is supposed to work, anyway. I think the point being raised has to do with interference and favoritism by world governments, you know, picking winners and losers, rather than letting the market decide. Say, like central planning the Lada or Volga rather than letting...