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  1. Cruel irony

    Very 2021
  2. Shadow has arrived!

    Fantastic, enjoy Shadow for years to come, I picked same color, I still have 6 weeks wait per my email from Ford
  3. Jonny Smith's Late Brake Show Reviews the Mach-E!

    Great review, and at last in some real weather
  4. Stupid questions from EV newbie

    Thank you
  5. Green Car Reports does 70mph highway test with Premium AWD Extended Range Mach-E, gets EPA range

    Thanks for posting. Looks like the 84 in your picture? I am in Oregon also, close to Salem, hooe to test drive before mine arrives, first edition currently in production. Did I miss a viewing event!
  6. Stupid questions from EV newbie

    All great questions, a newbie myself, so here is mine, is there a warm up/ pre condition tab or button in the car settings menu? As it seems consensus is to do that even though parked in a garage.
  7. My Mach-E is on its way!

    Congratulations, keep us posted
  8. Just got a (unrequested) refund email from Ford

    My original deposit was refunded at time of reservation conversion, at same time my dealer took the order deposit. I reserved on first day back in November 2019
  9. My FE shipped today!

  10. Ford recording your test drive?

  11. At home charging

    Thanks, much appreciated
  12. At home charging

    I am sure a more technical person has answered this, but still finding my way around, I have a dedicated circuit, 50amp and the dryer style wall socket already set in a new build home, are the chargers Ford is suggesting able to just plug into this or are they hard wired? Any thoughts will be...
  13. If I gave a build date for week of 12/13, a FE , i am assuming at least 8 weeks to possible delivery to Oregon

    Hi Guys, any thoughts, if I have build date week of 12/13 for my FE, am I in the ball park of say 8 weeks to possible delivery, I am in Oregon, guessing a lot of people wondering the same
  14. Mach Drop Build Updates

    Just got my FE build date, 12/21, reserved it on 11/19/19 with number ending 4734, In Oregon, one of few orders here so guess I will see it in February?
  15. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    Donofrio's Skyline Ford, Salem Oregon. No Adm and will honor all discount plans
  16. Order conversion

    Many thanks for the information