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    Video Recap: One year with GT Performance Edition - First Worldwide Delivery & Drag Strip Footage

    It's been a fun 13 months since I took what looks to be the first worldwide delivery of the Mach E GT Performance Edition! I put together a quick video to commemorate the occasion! Hope you like it! Beautiful car with intense initial acceleration. I've taken it drag racing & testing, frunk...
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    Electrify America Newsflash - Cold Weather Charging

    Electrify America released a Newsflash a couple days ago on 2/7/2022 about Cold Weather Charging. There isn't necessarily anything new here to most forum members, but certainly can confirm in cold temperatures, charging is slower (about 36%) and range is reduced (20%-39%), in all battery...
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    Winter Storage Suggestions for GT PE

    (should this post be placed in another category / topic?) I am the lucky one to have received first customer delivery of the Mach-E GT Performance Edition back in August. I love the car and while initially intending to have it be my daily driver year-round, I have decided to keep it nice and...
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    New Video: Free Rein Faroe Islands in Mustang Mach-E 1400

    What happens when you send Vaughn on a sightseeing trip with the all-electric Mustang Mach-E 1400 to one of the most beautiful locations on Earth? Find out as he receives free rein of the Faroe Islands! Enter for a chance to win your own Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition at
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    Discovered: GTPE Delivers 5 Seconds of Full Power on Acceleration Then Reduces Battery Power to Limit Heating

    Comment by reviewer notes Ford explains the GTPE delivers full power for about 5 seconds, then ramps it back to limit heating. Long term battery life is the goal. So... 5 SECONDS of power is what you get, that gets you over 60mph and after that, not so much. 5SOP and then CTJ. That is, you...
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    Front Wheel Launch Closeup & Slow Motion - Mach-E GT Performance Edition

    From the lucky one who took first worldwide customer delivery of the Mach-E GT Performance Edition, I bring to you some close up and slow motion video of the front wheel at full throttle launch. You can clearly see the HP and torque causing the immediate rise in the front end. The front wheels...
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    Bought a second Mach-E yesterday

    Well, I bought a second Mach-E yesterday and had a great experience. A new MME Select AWD in Space White Metallic, second to the first customer delivery Mach-E GT Performance Edition. I was quick to the draw on the deal when one was delivered to a local dealership 15 miles away, bought it before...
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    My GT Performance Edition (GTPE) first track launch with videos, timeslip! 0-60 in 4.12s, 1/4 mile in 12.657 @ 100.02 mph

    My friends, I’m having fun to say the least! See updates in comments with times for 7 launches (3 on track) and another video with the view from the stands. Update: Took morning off PTO to assemble data, videos, pictures... long and arduous. But here are initial best splits / times of three...
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    My Mach-E GT Performance Edition DELIVERY! (Exterior, Interior, Wheels, Tires Pics Added)

    Friday, 8/27/21 Update: SYNC 4 Software Version: 21180_PRODUCT, Revision: 176 Saturday 8/21/21 Update: I have some fantastic initial driving videos / review including 0-60, be patient, good stuff coming. Delivered late afternoon today (Thurs, 8/19/21)... 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT...