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  1. Finally got a 22 Space White GT. Looking for good Ceramic Coating company in the tri valley.

    Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin So many adverts, but who is good and reasonable. I don't need fast and cheap :)
  2. Solution for license plate bracket holes?

    I'm so bummed, I am borderline sad. Dealer put on the front plate holder on my GT. I thought about it on sunday but they were closed, so figured maybe they would not put it on. i was wrong. on me, not on my Sales guy, I should have said something. So what are folks using for the holes, is...
  3. I understood non GT options/prices/features. GT price point/features?

    Is there a quick reference guide to know what I'm getting or missing with the various GT packages based on price (MSRP) alone? GT Pricing: $62xxx-$63xxx? GT vs $66xxx-$7xxxx? GTPE? I'm guessing that $69x+ is GTPE, but then I see $66xxx that also appears to be GTPE What is the various models...
  4. Hey who ended up with my refusal "3FMTK3SU7MMA08541"?

    Just curious, I'm kicking myself now, but that sunroof fitment/seal was a real issue and I was getting blank looks from the dealer and talking to Ford. What 6+ months later, they have a recall on it. Could have saved sometime and cars to fix :) But I ordered it for the wife and back shopping...
  5. anyone have a Infinite Blue Premium AWD ER on the lot? Silver interior

    silver interior is a must. I can move away from the infinite blue but it really is the wife's preferred color. I could sneak into a carbonized gray or other "I think", but no red (sad face) and no white nor black.
  6. Someone in central and east coast run a search on the ford site for me, mach-e in infinite blue

    Wondering if anything is sitting on the ground in your region. The 500 mile range for me in California, doesn't reach very far. Looking for awd/extended, silver interior infinite blue. Or if someone knows how I can go about extending my search, that would be cool as well :) Thanks!
  7. If you bought an AWD would you switch to RWD and vice versa?

    I've had all wheel drive vehicles since 2000 (Audi's Subarus), my fun classic vehicles are obviously RWD. A MAch-E would not be our long hauler, have an AWD TDI for that. But I also go straight to AWD, just seems that they are more secure in inclement weather, (while we don't get snow, we get...
  8. Ford folks contact emails?

    I'd rather not tweet at them etc. I'd like to send them an email about some quality issues and concerns. Figured they can take action or not, but def an issue with the build Thanks
  9. Update Livermore Ford, Clean Air rebate in progress.. New GM

    So went in to check out my car, took it for a drive. I found out they have a new GM (week and a half on the job) and that they had signed up for the clear air rebates, so Livermore should not be avoided anymore because of this. They appear to be getting on board (thanks to the new GM)'. I...
  10. Livermore Ford, has their cars finally and mine it seems

    Got the call this evening that my car came in and they are getting it prepped. My guy is taking off for a couple of days, so I''ll be dealing with someone else. Also I still don't think they are part of the CA clean air program, which means I probably won't pick up my car.. Will see. At least...
  11. palsapp what does this mean, finally have data.

    1361057057 Kansas City KANSAS CITY, KS ARGENTINE RAMP 1361817524 3FMTK3SU7 Delivered on Feb 26 2021 And from vin check site Receipt Date 2020-10-02 ETA End Date 2021-03-13 Production Date 2021-01-29 Ship Date 2021-02-08
  12. How are you hunting for cars that are dealer stock/refused by initial order?

    My local dealer may play some games and I'm ready to walk away from the car. But I'm seeing others finding dealer stock or other, is it luck, do they simply reach out on the weekly to dealers, is there a better site than others to check current inventories etc? Just curious, if I decide not to...