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  1. OTA 22-PU0706-SCH-POPA

    the OTA rollout on this car is an absolute shit show. i am still on 2.7.4. my car was built in july 2021 and here we are.
  2. So am I stuck with this ridiculous SiriusXM pop up for the entire life of the car?

    ready to drive? i start backing up before the "startup chimes" even finish :D
  3. Fixing trunk door dings

    because the door isn't even metal i'm no longer worried about rust so this is just a cosmetic issue, so now i'll just wait until i can't stand it anymore or i bring it into the shop for something else etc. both scratches are pretty small
  4. Does everyone’s heater suck? Or just mine?

    definitely sounds strange i went through north east winter no problems
  5. Fixing trunk door dings

    wait what the entire trunk door is composite? i'll probably leave it as is if that's the case re: adjusting these are different parking structures i happened to park in one time hard to know what to adjust it to :( wish there was a sensor or something
  6. Fixing trunk door dings

    i'm just starting to read more about this. i'll check tomorrow morning but i believe my dings are down to the metal. however the exposed metal is small spot (like maybe 1cm diameter), is it still advised to sand / fill? indeed i've been reading i need to prime it since it's on metal. then the...
  7. Fixing trunk door dings

    oh nice didn't know this existed. i'll try the touch up paint i guess, i assume i should remove the original paint that is now sort of "bunched up" from being pushed by the metal pipe and just apply this new paint in the little divet right?
  8. Fixing trunk door dings

    Hi I have two trunk door dings along the ridge / corner where the door hit low pipes or cement ceilings when i was in parking structures (ugh). They are probably like the size of two or three rice grains where the paint has scratched and it appears the metal underneath is exposed. My biggest...
  9. OTA 22-PU0706-SCH-POPA

    i'm in the same exact boat. i have wifi at home, i've done 2 different 4 hour drives, refuses to download
  10. Rear Window washer tube connection and leak

    wait what the rear window has washer fluid?
  11. VERY Dangerous behaviour of the Adaptive cruise control

    this has happened before to me three times and i have started turning it off in stop and go. all three times i was fully stopped and so was the car in front. car in front did not move, my car started full acceleration. i've seen several other posts on the topic saying the same thing, it's...
  12. BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    i'm at the exact same timing as this, i strongly suspect they paused BC OTA for the recall update
  13. Rented a Tesla while on vacation and still prefer our GTP

    sorry i typed it wrong originally. tesla model 3 is at 5.5inches and mach e is at 5.7inches, it's just 0.2 inches difference (according to specs). again this is why i was a bit surprised you felt like it was dramatically different. i'll change my original post to avoid confusing future readers...
  14. Rented a Tesla while on vacation and still prefer our GTP

    your comment re: ground clearance is pretty surprising to me, i thought about this for a long time before i bought the mach e but it's only 0.2 inches more than the sedan model 3. i know 0.2 inches might be fairly material in this sense when we're talking small #s but i wouldn't have guessed it...
  15. BlueOval charging questions

    i think you might both be right. if i remember correctly you might need to press "start" and then plug in. and then it shows you the spinning wheel while it says "connecting". after it successfully connects it wants you to hit "continue", but the continue button has a countdown timer on it...
  16. Software Update vs. System Update

    it's the icon under "vehicle hotspot"? and yours says software updates? that really is weird, indeed given how new your car and software is my guess is it's just the latest version and somehow this is different...
  17. 10% discrepancy in charge logs

    it spent the 10% heating your house :) i am not an EE but my understanding is cable length actually does cause inefficiency but that the vast majority of that 10% loss is unavoidable
  18. Inconsistency loading driver profiles?

    i completely agree it is inconsistent so i just press the button on the door when there is a switch (it is consistently on the prior driver's profile, just not consistently good at recognizing the driver has changed) if the button didn't exist this would drive me mad but pressing the button on...