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  1. 💰 2023MY Mach-E Private Offer -- Amounts & Details (for 2022 to 2023 order conversion)

    Did you receive your private offer directly from the dealer or from Ford? I'd like to get mine moved to a premium, but will need the private offer info in hand as my dealer is not helpful.
  2. “Private offer” anyone?

    Following to hear the success rate of this. My dealer is incompetent to say the least so I'd like to see if others have success before pressing my dealer.
  3. 22 order converting to 23 options

    Has Ford officially sent out any communication on the orders that are being converted? I had a Mach E Select with C/T package. My dealer is stating that if I upgrade to premium, I'll lose my order spot in line and lose the price protection. However, if I just accept that I'm losing features...