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  1. kindofblue

    Out of Spec: Should you buy the IONIQ 5 or the Mustang Mach-E?

    I was waiting to order an i4 40e (wonderful suspension and handling) until they dropped adaptive cruise control on the 40e. That and the loss of the fed tax credit after 12/31/2022 killed the deal for me. Maybe in the future. It's a great vehicle IMHO.
  2. kindofblue

    Seat Material Cracking

    We had a 2001 Miata for 12 years with the top down 95% of the time and nary a single issue with the leather seats. Just sayin'.
  3. kindofblue

    Fords new Ad bashing Elon is not a good look for EVs owners and perspective buyers.

    Our Premium is scheduled to be built next week. And I've owned a number of Ford vehicles over the years although not recently. As someone who has a 2021 MY (that had zero fit and finish issues BTW), I can admire the company and yet have a much less positive opinion of Musk. Oh and I thought...
  4. kindofblue

    California ChargePoint 40V 6-50 Nema Wall plug in $650

    You posting lists the charger as $1 so it's misleading.
  5. kindofblue

    Grizzl-E Classic Level 2 charger just died

    I too was considering getting a Grizzlie Classic once we got our Mach e. This does give me pause. Is anyone aware of a site that objectively reviews EV chargers? And what's the warranty on it? The other thing to consider is that some credit cards come with an automatic doubling of the OEM...
  6. kindofblue

    Discussion: Tires for Increasing Range?

    Thanks for the overlay. I'd never noticed this difference in latitude before.
  7. kindofblue

    California ChargePoint 40V 6-50 Nema Wall plug in $650

    Dibs, I'll take it, thanks. Will DM you for details.
  8. kindofblue

    New vehicle delivery steps: Suggestions on paint protection

    Thanks Joe. Griot's high ph cleaner seems to need to be applied with a foam cannon and I'm trying to avoid going down that rabbit hole of compulsiveness ;-) so I'll try the Optum cleaner diluted then Griot's then proceed with their iron removal spray.
  9. kindofblue

    50,000 mile owner update. Quite an impressive vehicle overall.

    Well if the power's out at a charging station then gas stations within that power outage are also down as they need electricity for their fuel pumps.
  10. kindofblue

    New vehicle delivery steps: Suggestions on paint protection

    Yes I was going to tell the dealer just that. Good suggestion about having the ppf installer check out the car first. Thanks.
  11. kindofblue

    New vehicle delivery steps: Suggestions on paint protection

    Hi all, We'll be taking delivery of our Mach e Premium around the end of October and I'm planning on doing the initial cleanup of the exterior rather than having the dealership do it. Here are the steps I'm planning and I also have a question about the need to use "iron fallout remover" before...
  12. kindofblue

    Seat Material Cracking

    Where's Ricardo Montalban when we need him?
  13. kindofblue

    Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers, including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    What is EV Elite? This is the first I've read of this. Thanks.
  14. kindofblue

    Add FordPass to iOS 16 Lock Screen… sort of

    Thanks for this. I just upgraded to ios 16 and will add this widget when we get our Mach e (end of October).
  15. kindofblue

    It’s a G string -- Ford rear bumper protector installed

    Pardon my ignorance. I didn't know (or hadn't remembered) getting points for the purchase of the Mach e. What can you use them for?
  16. kindofblue

    Sun Shade that fits Mach-E like a glove - Costco Solar Shade ($11.99)

    Living in sunny NM for many years I've used sunshades on all our vehicles as they really reduce head absorption to the interior when it's sunny.
  17. kindofblue

    9/5 Build Week Thread

    Hi all, Can you point me to where I could login and identify modules and watch progress, etc.? My Mach e is scheduled for the week of 9/26. Thanks in advance.