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  1. Tampamike

    Rear Window washer tube connection and leak

    So, I finally joined the “my car interior smells like washer fluid“ club this weekend. Why did it take this long? I think it was the first time I tried to use it in a year and a half. I had the panoramic roof recall done back in December and had read all the other posts about the washer tube...
  2. Tampamike

    As seen on Florida Turnpike service plaza

    “I’d like to buy a Tesla” ”Right. Would you like it in white or black?”
  3. Tampamike

    EA program (Round 2) got 2.4.2, then nuttin.UPDATE 2 - DIDN’T get 2.4.3

    So, about a week ago, 2.4.2 came and installed successfully, then nothing else. Anybody else in the same boat? I was expecting the rapid-fire update cycle of round 1 EA, but, not so much.
  4. Tampamike

    Electrify America HomeStation - feedback / reviews?

    Anybody have this EA charge station? Opinions? They’re offering a small discount for Christmas and I was considering a purchase seeing as there is also the 30% federal tax credit. I’ve been using the cord the car came with so far, which I have to say has worked fine. Guess I just feel like...
  5. Tampamike

    Electrify America/Electrify Canada

    Does anyone know if EA works with EC charge network. So, could I use my EA app in Canada or do I have to download the EC app and open a new acct.?
  6. Tampamike

    FordPass app won’t launch - again!

    Anybody having this issue lately? Today, for the second time in two weeks, the app won’t launch. I just get the blue oval for about 30 seconds and then disappears. I have an iPhone XR and tried both a soft and a hard restart which didn’t work. The last time I had to delete and reinstall the app...
  7. Tampamike

    Random Navigation Routing

    Anybody else seeing this? Either after starting the car and driving away, or, like today, two miles down the road, the navigation starts routing me toward home, I think - out of the blue, with no prompts from me. I'm in the car alone, talking to no one and pushing no buttons and suddenly I hear...