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  1. bncwhite

    Ordering 2023 to replace 2021 or 2022 MME

    I've got a 21 GT. I'm contemplating getting a 23 GTPE to get away from the bumpiness of the GT with the Magnaride and also to avoid the potential of my HVBJB dying on me. I think Magnaride is the biggest selling factor to upgrade from the GT to GTPE but with the new prices compared to what I...
  2. bncwhite

    Dealer Repair Time War Stories

    I’ve been waiting for my repair to be done since August 8 when I dropped the car off at the dealer. I’m on day 17 and today I JUST find out my part is on backorder with no ETA. I opened a case with Corporate on the 8th after dropping it off. When I found out about the backorder, I immediately...
  3. bncwhite

    What Drive Mode does this?

    I keep seeing this orange animation in videos and pics online. I’ve experimented with my drive modes but can’t figure out if it is newer or older software that does this. Why can’t I find this animation on my Mach-E?
  4. bncwhite

    Check your Mach-E for DTCs

    I’d like to recommend everyone to make a small investment and get something that will let you check your vehicle for DTCs. It could save you a lot of problems and money down the road. My coolant pump failed and threw P2797 and the car never indicated there was a problem. No MIL. No SVS. No SSN...
  5. bncwhite

    Scriptable OTA Status

    I’m not near my car at the moment. It’s miles away at the moment but I saw this in Scriptable this morning. Does this mean the OTA is available now on the vehicle memory? Or does it mean it is on a server waiting for my scheduled weekly check on Wednesday and will download it then, unless I do...
  6. bncwhite

    Buzz vibration in driver side B column

    When I drive over some rough surface pavement, there is a buzzing vibration or small rattle in the area where the seat belt comes out of the B column on the driver side. Anyone dealing with this or is there a known Ford TSB for this annoyance?
  7. bncwhite

    Need help finding an adapter plug

    I’m short on time here. I leave for a trip tomorrow. The location where I’m staying said I could use one of their RV spots for charging. I have the ChargePoint Home Flex with the NEMA 14-50 plug and want an adapter plug to fit the RV receptacle from Amazon. Please help if you can recognize the...
  8. bncwhite

    Adjusting Turn Signal with FORSCAN

    I did this with my 2019 Edge. Does anyone know what As-Built number to change to increase my turn signal blink from 3 blinks (to short for my preference and driving style) to 5 or 6 blinks? I've googled the web and searched this website but can't find the answer. I found 724-01-01 but I'm not...
  9. bncwhite

    Ford Servers Down?

    My Hands-Free Cruise won’t engage and Sirius XM is unavailable. Is this a server issue? Everything worked fine last night and all modules were updated Wednesday for CSP 22P08. I’ve tried turning the car off four times after driving different segments and the issues aren’t resolving.
  10. bncwhite

    Blue Cruise Hands-Free Intermittent

    Anyone having issues with the hands-free portion not activating when you turn on cruise? Last week on my commute, it worked flawlessly. Now this week, it refuses to not activate. The “Blue Cruise is on” message appears every time I activate cruise but the hands-free doesn’t kick in. I’ve...
  11. bncwhite

    Blue Oval Charging Network doesn’t exist for me

    I’ve spent over an hour troubleshooting with Ford on the phone. Walked through all their scripted steps. We can’t get the flipping Blue Oval Charging Network to appear in the app and also it WILL NOT APPEAR on This is a freaking joke @Ford Motor Company IT SHOULDN’T...
  12. bncwhite

    I regret getting PPF

    I got my GT back yesterday after PPF was installed. I looked at the hood today and I can see a LONG diagonal crease in the plastic going from the back of the hood to the driver side of the hood. I called the installer and he said they always have to start at one corner before they stretch and do...
  13. bncwhite

    My GT is awesome, FordPass sucks!

    I’ve searched this forum a lot the past two days since I picked up my Mach-E GT and it appears the FordPass app straight up sucks @Ford Motor Company Ive tried every suggestion I’ve seen on this forum. I’ve tried uninstalling FordPass, master resets, various individual settings like...
  14. bncwhite

    2-22-22 on a Tuesday…It’s here!

    She’s home! Say hi to Mae! What a cool date to FINALLY get her! One week from today, March 1, 2022 would have been my 6 month mark, ordered September 1, 2021. I know I’m just ANOTHER member that FINALLY got their Mach-E but I’m open to questions. Part of dealing with the painful wait was...
  15. bncwhite

    Folding PPF coats in car loan

    My sales rep said I could add the cost of PPF into my car loan and then write me a refund check to pay for the PPF to the shop of my choice. If you were going to fold $3775 worth of PPF into the car loan, would part of that be in the balloon payment or would all of it be part of the 35...
  16. bncwhite

    GT Faux-Grill Durability. PPF ?

    I should have my GT by the end of the month. I’ve been trying to decide if I want some PPF on key spots and I don’t know if I want to spend 2 grand for a full front. Is the GT faux-grill pretty durable as far as small rock impacts go? I figure I might make that area priority one as far as...
  17. bncwhite

    Rail Transport questions

    Anyone know details on train arrival/departures? Do trains leave Cuautitlan daily, once a week on a specific day, or on random days? Are the rail cars basic rectangle shipping containers or are they made specifically for vehicle transport? How many days does it take to reach Kansas City from...
  18. bncwhite

    Ending Ford Options Early

    No one can say what the world scene will be like in 36 months but if it is still like this with supply issues and delays, it will be hard to time getting the next model year Mach-E, or some future unannounced vehicle, I order to be here on time when the balloon payment is due. @hybrid2bev my...
  19. bncwhite

    If your vehicle is on production hold

    I'm curious if people want to try and figure out why some people's cars are built right away and while others wait for weeks. Is it because of a specific trim, exterior color, or optional package waiting on chips. I guess the easiest way would be to start by asking you to post your vehicle's...
  20. bncwhite

    Charging Speeds between EVSE Brands

    I’m trying to decide between a hardwire and a plug-in install. I have to get a circuit installed either way. In my research, I noticed these differences between ChargePoint and Ford’s Connected Charge Station. Just looking at the recharge rates below, is the ChargePoint EVSE 48A really that much...