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  1. Ajax

    Mileage Poll

    Coming up on 14 months and just under 12k miles. 3k of those miles were on a halfway-cross-country road trip. My partner was commuting 3-4 days a week but now we both work from home so I don't think we'll get to 20k anytime soon.
  2. Ajax

    💰 2023MY Mach-E Private Offer -- Amounts & Details (for 2022 to 2023 order conversion)

    You're not missing anything with the active park assist. I tried to use mine once or twice but didn't have any luck. Some folks have said it's a pretty jarring experience. One of those "features" I've never really used.
  3. Ajax

    Who ordered a 2023 today? Post up some pics/share what you ordered!

    Good choice. I have Infinite Blue with black seats and it's very kid+dog friendly. I think with the vapor blue the black interior is an even clearer choice—the white/gray looks "OK" to me in Infinite Blue but might look too bright in the Vapor Blue. Love this color but still want to see sunlight...
  4. Ajax

    Does this work as a family car??

    I downsized from a Toyota Highlander Hybrid (7-seater)nto the Mach-E and it's been great so far. My kids are younger (5 and 7) and my dog is ~50 lbs; she fits in the back without issues along with some cargo. For "fully loaded" trips my recommendation is to use many smaller bags as opposed to...
  5. Ajax

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I have! I think it will just take a bit to adapt—seems like I'll need to let off the acceleration 1-2 seconds before I would pre-update. I use 1PD exclusively so the "L" gear won't do me any good.
  6. Ajax

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Sorry, I meant to say the car "picked up" (i.e. downloaded) the update while my wife was doing a quick trip to the store. When she got back, I installed the update while the car was stationary in the garage. Afterwards, tested some WoTs to make sure everything works. It did! Will have to have...
  7. Ajax

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    Just got the update and didn't want to wait for it to install overnight. Success! Bonus that it happened during my wife driving 5 mins to the local store. We mostly commute locally (5-10, sometimes 15 minute trips) so glad it was a quick and easy download.
  8. Ajax

    EV Tires Education - Performance vs. Efficiency (by Motortrend)

    Read an article about Pirelli p-zero Elect all season tires coming soon (or maybe already on BMW iX?). Has anyone tried the winter ones? They seem spendy. I survived a Minnesota winter with the OEM A/S tires just fine—didn't drive through a blizzard to be fair, but didn't have any snow/ice...
  9. Ajax

    2023 Reservations - Ideas/Updates/Possibilities

    I like that blue Bronco. Just saw a nice hunter green ICE Mustang earlier today as well that looked neat. I love my infinite blue Mach-E, but would swap it for a sky blue in a heartbeat if they ever do that or winter blue. I like the looks of grabber blue but it's not for me.
  10. Ajax

    22S41 Recall Software - Server Deployment Issue

    I'm a bit worried that I won't get the recall OTA. I had the recall fix done at the dealer last Monday 7/11, but that was during the FDRS "outage" discussed in the other thread, so I'm not sure if my car actually got the recall or not. I believe I am on the tail end of Job 1 cars — build week...
  11. Ajax

    Minnesota to Virginia and back...pre-recall fix! 3k mile trip report

    I had two weeks to myself while the wife and kids were visiting the in-laws, but I was getting bored and had some PTO to burn, so I surprised them by making a huge road trip out there to see them (and the in-laws) during the 4th of July weekend. I wanted to do a "dry run" of the trip alone...
  12. Ajax

    22S41 Recall Software - Server Deployment Issue

    Dealer did indeed do the recall and rotated the tires for the 10k service. Not sure what Job my car is, but it was built in June 2021 and I took delivery in July '21.
  13. Ajax

    22S41 Recall Software - Server Deployment Issue

    My car's at the dealership now for the recall fix (ostensibly) and the 10k servicing. Will keep folks posted. I just finished a 3,000 mile road trip yesterday spread out into 5 travel days with nothing but DCFC the entire way—at least 3-4 times a day and 8-9 driving hours per day in the summer...
  14. Ajax

    Battery Contactor Recall Software (22S41) Now Available at Dealers

    All of the dealers in the Twin Cities are clown shows. Took me 6 weeks and a combination of 2 dealers in MN to get Blue Cruise alone installed, and it wouldn't have happened without help from @Gimme_my_MME (🙌). I effectively paid over $1k for Blue Cruise in lost time and monthly payments that...
  15. Ajax

    Battery Contactor Recall Software (22S41) Now Available at Dealers

    Piggybacking on this, is there anything folks can do who can't get the recall and have long trips planned that require regular DCFC, say 3-5x/day? E.g. stop vehicle and wait a few minutes before and after DCFC, don't charge past 80%, etc. Or use Whisper/Engage instead of Unbridled. I can't get...
  16. Ajax

    Battery Contactor Recall Software (22S41) Now Available at Dealers

    Good idea, but no luck on my end. My original dealer and another one nearby can't get me in till the week of 7/11. I might try dealers in my destination since I'll be there next week to see if any of them can take care of it. That way I'd only be "risking it" on the first leg and not the return...
  17. Ajax

    Battery Contactor Recall Software (22S41) Now Available at Dealers

    Hoping for a quick OTA rollout as well. I'm planning a big road trip (1500 miles in 2-3 days) this weekend that will require DCFC pretty much the whole way, and none of the dealers en route have any openings. I've only done DCFC twice in the past but I am nearing 10k miles and am worried I'll...
  18. Ajax

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    Agreed, you should enjoy the car and you will likely be fine for a shorter trip. I have an AWD extended with just under 8k miles and I'm nervous about doing a 2500 mile round trip, but my risk is probably lower than folks with GT/GTPE with 20k miles. My risk isn't zero, of course, so I might end...
  19. Ajax

    Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]

    I was considering a halfway-cross-country trip from the Midwest to the east coast in the next week or two, but it seems like it's not a good time for that—I'd likely be doing a lot of DCFC and powering through in 2 days. It would be a 2500 mile round trip. I guess the software update might land...
  20. Ajax

    What did you do to/with your Mach-E today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Today, my Mach-E is still sitting in the shop for the 2nd week running to get BlueCruise and related updates installed. I was affected by the stuck 1.7.1 power up OTA, took it to a dealer who "fixed" the OTA problem after 3 weeks, but wasn't able to apply BlueCruise. I still wasn't able to get...