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  1. 💰 2023MY Mach-E Private Offer -- Amounts & Details (for 2022 to 2023 order conversion)

    I'm hoping that they still make it available for the 2022 models that have the "Active Park Assist Prep Kit".
  2. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    Not sure where my car is. I got a "shipped" email on 8/24, and both that and "Reservations & Orders" page on give me a delivery date "to your dealership to be between September 18, 2022 and September 24, 2022." When I spoke to them late last week, they said it was last scanned in...
  3. x-plan how to (start early)

    There are many threads that reference x-plan discount pricing, but I haven't seen one with clear steps on how to get it. I thought it would be useful to have it clearly laid out, so here it is. (See also Note that...
  4. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    I'm in PNW, and have the status "Shipped Estimated Delivery 9/18/2022 - 9/24/2022" Batch 7439 350/618, so slightly before yours.
  5. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    My garage is getting ready for my car. I just had a new 50A, 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet installed yesterday, ready to be used for charging.
  6. Pedals - GT vs non-GT

    What's the difference between the GT and non-GT pedals? With my new MME arriving soon, I have been looking at accessories, and came across these (and similar): I think the red pedals would be a good match to the red exterior and fun addition, but I see...
  7. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    What's the deal with the modules? What are they? I feel like this might have been answered previously, but my search-fu is failing. I have BCE modules listed, but no PCM modules, yet it also says my vehicle is built, and I've been notified of that, and I have an estimated delivery week.
  8. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    I'm guessing it's there now (53 minutes after your post). I'm batch 7439 350/618, so just a few cars behind you. I see from that I have BCE Modules (no PCM ones yet). The "reservations & orders" page on hasn't changed since Monday...
  9. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    That's awesome. Was that sent to you in email, or did you have to look it up on your account? Where can others go to see this about there cars?
  10. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    From earlier in the thread:
  11. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    Just checked, and I have my sticker. Looks like batch 7439, 350/618.
  12. Stupid Physics Question

    Gasoline weighs approximately 6 lbs per gallon, though this varies by temperature. Per, gasoline stores 46 MJ/kg. Per, batteries store 30-200 Wh/kg, depending on...
  13. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    Nor could I. I assumed I just wasn't looking hard enough, but maybe it's either not yet available due to stage in the pipeline, or not available on the current version of their website. I was, however, able to use my VIN to get an online insurance quote.
  14. 8/15/22 Build Week Gang

    I ordered in mid-March. Previously scheduled for 8/1 build week, but then moved to 8/15 (no notification on either, but saw on the website). Today I got an email telling me I had an 8/15 build week, and providing my VIN. What's the typical timeframe from when the build actually starts until...
  15. MMEs are now being sold to idiots

    In my previous two cars, I added an extra switch to my dashboard to turn on the break lights, for exactly this reason -- lets me indicate that I'm slowing down, but with less risk of actually getting rear-ended. I never did this in my current car (Prius) because I wasn't sure if/how the...
  16. Insurance rates

    Have any of you had problems with getting insurance quotes for your MME? I am considering two different EVs as my next car, and as part of my "pros and cons" list, I wanted to compare insurance rates. When calling Allstate, they had "Ford Mustang" with a bunch of different trims -- Fastback...
  17. No more Premium?

    I did a cursorary search and didn't find anything. Thanks for all the replies.
  18. No more Premium?

    I don't mind waiting, but I do want the glass roof, premium sound, extended range AWD, and specific color. I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger, so I'm not looking to snipe a canceled order just yet. If I'm understanding comments here correctly, it sounds like the premium model isn't gone...
  19. No more Premium?

    Is the Premium model no longer available? Looking at today (Feb 25, 2022), it only shows Select and GT. Is this a temporary (supply chain?) issue, or a permanent change? Is there another way to order it? After much debate, I had...
  20. Mach-E trim comparison

    How good weather? I live in the Pacific Northwest, so we have plenty of rain, some snow, but not a lot of snow. Occasionally I want to be able to cross the mountains, and be able to make it to/from the ski slopes. Thanks for all the great replies so far. Please keep them coming.