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  1. Curva Concepts Wheel Collection 2022 | Flow Forged Mach-E Wheels

    Okay, Send me a set and I'll keep an eye on range! :) I'd like a good 20" 265 square setup for my GT. Kthx! :)
  2. Finally got a 22 Space White GT. Looking for good Ceramic Coating company in the tri valley.

    Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin So many adverts, but who is good and reasonable. I don't need fast and cheap :)
  3. Solution for license plate bracket holes?

    I wonder if that was a mid year change, because the 2021 Prem (No GT released yet) was 100% factory installed.
  4. Solution for license plate bracket holes?

    Yes 2022 is a dealer install "option". 2021 it was done at the factory (which was lame). So def make sure your salesmen puts a note, not to install it. It can be included in the car, just don't drill the holes :)
  5. Solution for license plate bracket holes?

    thank you Thank you!
  6. Solution for license plate bracket holes?

    I'm so bummed, I am borderline sad. Dealer put on the front plate holder on my GT. I thought about it on sunday but they were closed, so figured maybe they would not put it on. i was wrong. on me, not on my Sales guy, I should have said something. So what are folks using for the holes, is...
  7. Ford Store Morgan Hill - less words, only great results.

    w0w, was forced to buy out of state.. Good info for the future
  8. Towed in with a hole in the tire, walked out with a new GT

    MSRP is okay (at this time)' but can't even find one at MSPR, been searching for weeks :)
  9. Found a needle in a haystack...

    Damn, keep trying dealers from and and most actually don't have the cars, or they are customer cars. We can order you one, ya sure, that's not an issue. But wanting one on the ground. :)
  10. Windshield/Roof recall - almost perfect experience

    Anyone posting images of the front seals, sunroof/windshield after it's all done?
  11. Mach-E Premium DMG color, tailgate misalignment and rear window seal issues

    I turned down my car from them, but it was not their fault, i just saw the sunroof/windshield seals as a huge future issue... But 2 months, ya CA lemon law is 1 month, no reason not too, other than it's hard to find anything out there right now to replace it. But yes, start the process.
  12. Glass Roof and Windshield Recall (too early)

    Lemon law, at least in the state of CA, car being in service for more than 30 days while under warranty.
  13. California MME

    $60K and you will pocket all the incentives? Def go to one of these car buying companies. They don't care about that, and mark it up a bit. But $60K - the incentives, I'd be interested :)
  14. I understood non GT options/prices/features. GT price point/features?

    Is there a quick reference guide to know what I'm getting or missing with the various GT packages based on price (MSRP) alone? GT Pricing: $62xxx-$63xxx? GT vs $66xxx-$7xxxx? GTPE? I'm guessing that $69x+ is GTPE, but then I see $66xxx that also appears to be GTPE What is the various models...
  15. Hey who ended up with my refusal "3FMTK3SU7MMA08541"?

    seals had shrunk, well to be honest, not sure they shrunk in that short period of transport, or they were defective when installed. I posted a thread when I first looked at it and test drove it. they looked really bad and I for saw leaks and other issues. I was really surprised they let that...
  16. Hey who ended up with my refusal "3FMTK3SU7MMA08541"?

    Just curious, I'm kicking myself now, but that sunroof fitment/seal was a real issue and I was getting blank looks from the dealer and talking to Ford. What 6+ months later, they have a recall on it. Could have saved sometime and cars to fix :) But I ordered it for the wife and back shopping...
  17. A Positive Dealership Experience at Walnut Creek Ford

    Really considering them right now actually.
  18. Someone in central and east coast run a search on the ford site for me, mach-e in infinite blue

    okay thanks all :) I'll try not to be so dense :) but DevSec is right I don't want to pull out the protractor and start learning zipcodes either :) hahaha