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  1. Tampamike

    If you use PAAK, What do you use to hold your keys

    Do you hide an extra fob in the wheel well just in case the power is out and the battery is dead in your primary fob? Key under the flower pot too, just in case? Just bein’ a wise-ass. You ought to try it though. Put a battery operated combo lock on the front door and just use PAAK. All you...
  2. Tampamike

    If you use PAAK, What do you use to hold your keys

    Uh, … I dunno. Bring a fob maybe for service? On the road my wife brings her fob just in case. Haven’t broken down yet anywhere.
  3. Tampamike

    If you use PAAK, What do you use to hold your keys

    What keys? We put on a touchscreen lock on the front door and leave the mailbox key in the house (mostly junk anyway.)
  4. Tampamike

    Ford Mobile Charger - Everyday Use - Why Not?

    There’s really no charging emergencies that the mobile charger will solve. If you run out of juice driving around your home then you’ve really done something wrong. You can take it on the road, just in case, if you want. How many times is that gonna happen - a few times a year? The plugging and...
  5. Tampamike

    Who do you all trust more? ABRP or the FordPass app?

    I don’t use ABRP. Never liked it. I pretty much have an idea where I’m going to charge before I leave by using EA and Plugshare to see if the EA’s are working or if I need some other brand because I’m off the highway. Then I let the in-car nav figure it out on its own. We usually agree but...
  6. Tampamike

    Service Vehicle Soon! Is it finally my turn?

    Craft brew and hummus, ….. hmmm. Sounds very, …. Portlandia.
  7. Tampamike

    See you all at the charging station!

    But WE know which one is better looking.
  8. Tampamike

    Issues with Ford EV Charging Cables

    Yeah, I know he did, but, … sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
  9. Tampamike

    Issues with Ford EV Charging Cables

    Brian, Just because this really sounds like what happened to me way back when - the plug not pushed in, I’ve included a couple pics. Look closely and see which one looks like yours. You need to push it in firmly. Hope this helps and it’s not another problem. Good luck. Not in all the way with...
  10. Tampamike

    This Forum Has Been Great

    You went from the very cool “What is that?” guy driving the silky infinite blue electric game changer to just another old guy driving a black Toyota. 😕 But, hey, happy wife, … right? Maybe you could hop on over to BAT and scoop up a TR-6 convertible just for you - kind of like therapy.😉
  11. Tampamike

    Ford Mobile Charger Amber Light

    Did you go through service department or parts department?
  12. Tampamike

    Getting back before 5pm- A road trip symphony of fails, almost.

    I have used that EVGo station on the west side of Jax at Normandy square twice. They are new units and charge as fast as a fully functioning EA unit. It was also very uncrowded. It’s in a grocery store strip mall parking lot.
  13. Tampamike

    a little wind noise at 80 mph

    I get a pretty good humming above 75 with a crosswind. It’s pretty noticeable - kind of like an intermittent kazoo sound. It’s not just wind whistling. There’s definitely some sort of harmonic vibration triggered by the speed and wind direction. It doesn’t happen all that often so I just haven’t...
  14. Tampamike

    Dangerous speed limit sign recognition errors - To Me, This Is So Bad!

    And the contrarian view, ….😉 I use it all the time on the highway when using Blue Cruise. Yeah, it misreads something now and then, but it’s never been a huge issue with overriding it. I set it at 9 mile over and never worry too much about speeding tickets. I wouldn’t be using it usually around...
  15. Tampamike

    Efficiency impact with large bike on a hitch rack (results)

    Is that like “ya gotta jiggle the handle”?
  16. Tampamike

    Efficiency impact with large bike on a hitch rack (results)

    Yeah, the pedal is the only clearance issue. I just rotate it to about horizontal and then bungee it. Works fine. There’s no issue with the rack on and folded up.
  17. Tampamike

    Summer in our Mach-E - 2 road trips, 42 days, ~10K miles. No issues.

    Is there a “scream emoji?” Yes there is! 😱
  18. Tampamike

    Should I buy an L2 home charger, or just use the Ford one that comes with the car?

    You’re all wrong. I’ve had my MachE for over a year and a half. I exclusively use the included Ford mobile charger. I’ve unplugged it and taken it on road trips if I think I might need it but not every road trip. Contrary to another opinion, it’s pretty easy to “unplug” and pack it up, IMHO. I...
  19. Tampamike

    Electrify America complaints

    P&C only works with EA.