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  1. Tax Credit numbers?

    Ok, no sticky or anything in recent search shows where we are tax credit #'s at this time. Seems important to most. Where are we for the quarter and $7500?
  2. When is the options rebate for certain states applied?

    I am getting more push back from the dealer on this. Does the options rebate apply at order date or delivery? Thanks. -J
  3. Did you test drive a base and then GT?

    What are your thoughts on the power and drive feel differences? Was the price jump really worth it to you for the extra power?
  4. Tell me about my home electric plug in charger

    I built a home last year and the builder kindly electrified my garage. Looking at the double breaker for charging, it says 50 on both. I take that as 50 AMPs. I was told 40 or higher is required. But, dumb question, does the double 50 mean I have 100? Thanks. -J
  5. Oops! Just saw MME requires subscription to remote start

    This is getting really crazy. Can you remote start from the Ford App though? How much is the fleecing charge? Pretty soon they will have all the tech (GPS, heated seats, etc.), but can't use unless paying monthly. -J MME-GT on order.
  6. How does the tax credit work?

    I just ordered a Mach-e this week. How do I confirm I got the benefit? When do I get in the line of 200K? When I close on the deal?
  7. Charging Questions

    Sorry if this was asked already. I can't seem to get through every post and find simple answers. New at this. My garage came with a 240v plug. Do I just plug and charge? What about that Ford Charging thing you put on the wall - what is it for? How fast is 240V vs. 120v for charging? Is it...
  8. Is charging free for the fist two years at Ford Charging Stations?

    Hello all. Just put an order in and was doing some research. The Ford website language is a little confusing, but is charging free for the fist two years at Ford Charging Stations? Thanks! -RJ