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  1. bncwhite

    FordPass 4.21.0 Released

    I’ve noticed on iOS 16.0 that when I look at my vehicle’s current location on the map inside FordPass, I get no response when I tap on it. Before this version, I would get an options card at the bottom of the screen for directions to the vehicle’s position.
  2. bncwhite

    TSB 22-2343 - Shift Knob Rotates Without Brake Pedal Depressed, Transmission Remains In Park (P)

    As long as service times at the dealer are despicable, I’m going to stick with muscle memory and just touch the brake before I turn the knob. I’m not going to give my car to the dealer for three weeks just so they can do a half hour of work.
  3. bncwhite

    Will Mach-E get this display from the new 2024 ICE Mustangs?

    I’m one of those cars that probably won’t get the Alexa OTA until 2024.
  4. bncwhite

    Will Mach-E get this display from the new 2024 ICE Mustangs?

    I want physical buttons for all things HVAC. I don’t like touch control HVAC in the MME. Have to take eyes off the road for too long to control it sometimes.
  5. bncwhite

    Mach-E Service Experience

    My car has been in the dealership since August 8th. Long story for another thread after I get my car back. My repair was supposed to be completed last week after being told around August 26th it would be sometime Labor Day week. A whole two extra weeks of waiting because other Mach-Es were being...
  6. bncwhite

    Is joining Early access program worthwhile

    What is the email sender address and the subject of the email? I’d like to search my spam to see I if I simply missed the email.
  7. bncwhite

    22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    The car is still at the dealer for repair. Going on week 6 here… Do you by chance happen to have pages from the service manual that show everything involved in replacing the pump?
  8. bncwhite

    Yeah, that's a good price...

    Oklahoma City here. $375 for the ChargePoint hardwired next to the breaker panel. IIRC, he said it was the same price whether I chose hardwire or 14-50.
  9. bncwhite

    Seat Covers

    I have a GT. The product in that link doesn’t apply.
  10. bncwhite

    Seat Covers

    @AOSK How about the Grabber Blue color for stitching? It would look nice to have the gray/dark gray with blue stitching to match my car’s paint!
  11. bncwhite

    Who's ready for a Mach-Eventure for the Labor Day weekend?

    I’m making a road trip to Galveston for a cruise…without my MME. 😞 I’ve been looking forward to making my first trip in it for awhile now. It is currently in the middle of getting its coolant pump removed. Will be 5 weeks since dropping it off at the dealer by the time I get it back. Taking the...
  12. bncwhite

    Ordering 2023 to replace 2021 or 2022 MME

    The offer I got was $62K. Plus the PPF cost I put into it, it makes it harder to upgrade now. With the threat of not getting the new tax credit, I think I have to stay where I am for now. I may just keep what I have and pay it off or wait until generation 2 comes along. These cars have 4G LTE...
  13. bncwhite

    Ordering 2023 to replace 2021 or 2022 MME

    I've got a 21 GT. I'm contemplating getting a 23 GTPE to get away from the bumpiness of the GT with the Magnaride and also to avoid the potential of my HVBJB dying on me. I think Magnaride is the biggest selling factor to upgrade from the GT to GTPE but with the new prices compared to what I...
  14. bncwhite

    Who ordered a 2023 today? Post up some pics/share what you ordered!

    Do we know what the interest rate will be on these new orders with traditional finance and Ford Options? I'm assuming the 1.4% I have with my 21 MME GT isn't going to be available with the current fed rates.
  15. bncwhite

    The Dreaded "SVS" banner rears it's ugly head.

    Mind providing a link to this new BECM recall? I couldn’t find it using Google.
  16. bncwhite

    Dealer Repair Time War Stories

    Oil pump. Seriously! 🤔 It is the coolant pump on the front motor. I received the text this morning that the oil pump was on backorder. I called and talked to the rep to make sure she didn't confuse my car with someone else's. She saw the humor as well. She pulled up the part in the computer and...
  17. bncwhite

    Dealer Repair Time War Stories

    I’ve been waiting for my repair to be done since August 8 when I dropped the car off at the dealer. I’m on day 17 and today I JUST find out my part is on backorder with no ETA. I opened a case with Corporate on the 8th after dropping it off. When I found out about the backorder, I immediately...
  18. bncwhite

    What Drive Mode does this?

    Thank you. Guess I’ll never see that on my car. I like all those nanny features! I’m paying for them after all. 😆
  19. bncwhite

    What Drive Mode does this?

    Which settings are considered nanny? I tried turning on Unbridled Extend to see if that was it but it wasn’t.
  20. bncwhite

    What Drive Mode does this?

    My unbridled causes orange lines to be drawn in the top corners only. Most of the time I can’t even see them because the steering wheel blocks that portion of the screen for me.