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  1. Ajax

    Minnesota to Virginia and back...pre-recall fix! 3k mile trip report

    I had two weeks to myself while the wife and kids were visiting the in-laws, but I was getting bored and had some PTO to burn, so I surprised them by making a huge road trip out there to see them (and the in-laws) during the 4th of July weekend. I wanted to do a "dry run" of the trip alone...
  2. Ajax

    Departure times woes

    I can't seem to get the hang of departure times. First off, I ran in to the issue discussed in threads like this one with Detroit being Fordpass' time zone, so my Mach-e didn't precondition on Monday. Updated time zone in Fordpass and tried the next day for a 9am departure. We ended up getting...
  3. Ajax

    Embodied (embedded) carbon in the Mach-E for CO2 offset?

    Has anyone seen an estimate of the embodied (some use the word embedded) CO2 emissions that result from the production of the Mach-E? I've seen some calculators like but these mainly take the average cost to charge into account. I use 100% green (wind) energy so I'm...
  4. Ajax

    Stuck at Order Accepted by Dealer?

    I placed my order on 3/20 and the dealer accepted shortly thereafter. However, no news since then. I checked with the dealer, and even though the "place order" shows as "Ready," they confirmed there aren't any issues and that everything is on track. I know there have been some delays due to...