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  1. BostonPete

    Dealer recommendations?

    Acton Ford had been doing MSRP on all vehicles stock or ordered, check with them, I was thrilled with them when we bought our Bronco, I was considering ordering another Mach-E when they changed over to the 22's and they were MSRP on everything and no BS fees. I will say they were actually very...
  2. BostonPete

    national grid rates - MA

    We got lucky in my town, our City did a City Power Plan that you had to opt out of vs opting in for. We are locked in at just under 11¢/Kwh (that does not include delivery) until the end of 2023. The crazy thing is that it is still cheaper for me to charge at an EA Station here in Mass as they...
  3. BostonPete

    TSB 22-2355 - Illuminated Charger Service Required Indicator In The IPC And/Or Multiple DTCs

    Remember that the Car controls all of the charging, and what we call chargers are just providing the power. it is better (in my opinion) to have the car tell the EVSE (Charging Station) to stop vs a sudden stopping of the power delivery which as others mention could throw a charge error.
  4. BostonPete

    Looking for Boston-North dealer guidance and advice

    I also recommend Action Ford, they do not (at least did not) charge any ADM or any BS Fees, they were also pretty good on an extended warranty if you are so inclined.
  5. BostonPete

    Do I dare drive from MA to South Carolina?

    I wouldn't hesitate to do it... I did a trip from Waltham to Maryville, TN and back (total of 3k miles) in March and it was great, I did stop for a night along the way found a hotel with a Tesla Destination Charger and was able to top off overnight which was great. I used up all of my free Kwh...
  6. BostonPete

    OTA Downloads / Wifi how large are they?

    Any Data / Tech guys here able to see if their Mach-E is downloading their OTAs from their wifi? How large of a download are they? Are OTA's downloaded via Wifi or via the onboard modem? Today I got the 2.8.2 Power up and I only see my Mach-E connect to the mothership when I remote started the...
  7. BostonPete

    Ford Power-Up 2.8.2

    Same here... I got 2.8.2 Today after driving to a Casino... first update I've had since Feb. Mine is also a Late 21 / Job 2 (12/21 build). The description is pretty lacking for sure.
  8. BostonPete

    22S41 Recall Software - Server Deployment Issue

    2021 Job 2? I thought they all came with Blue Cruise Enabled? I had a select that was built in Jul 21 and it had it. That was when Job 2 started.
  9. BostonPete

    Massachusetts: Last weekend lots of future CCS chargers showed up on plugshare

    Does it say what Network? Nothing showing up in the EA Website and they do show some coming soon one like in Arlington, MA but that has been coming soon since last year.
  10. BostonPete


    Edit - Sorry I missed the Premium SR Part of this... Yes that it limited to a lower charging rate, I had a Select SR and it wouldn't barely go over 100kwh most of the time... This is from Car Scanner, it seems to imply that I was over 150Kwh for a bit, note how low battery I was when it...
  11. BostonPete

    What’s happening with EV charging on the Mass Pike??

    I live right next to the Pike and heard the chargers were basically not worth it. The only EA's that I know of are at the Auburn Mall which I've charged at recently and then you are looking at what Burlington, MA which I've had hit or miss luck with. I also love the Per Minute Charging as its...
  12. BostonPete

    Massachusetts EV Rebate?

    Interesting, my Select had a Sticker of $50,495 and was rejected until I provided them the Purchase Agreement then it was accepted. I would have thought that for me just removing the destination charge would have done it. It was $49,395 before destination but they made me jump through a few more...
  13. BostonPete

    Lights turn on in the middle of the night

    This was happening to me at work when I would walk by the window near where my car was parked and it was a good 40-50 feet away. I didn't have my FOB with me only my phone, I ended up disabling the wake up when approach in the settings (Can't remember the exact name of the setting). Sadly it...
  14. BostonPete

    Massachusetts EV Rebate?

    What model do you have? I was able to show them my Window Sticker, they would remove the Shipping / Destination Charge and I was also able top provide them the complete detailed Purchase Agreement which showed I got the $2500 instant options Rebate and it got approved for my Select AWD / Tech /...
  15. BostonPete

    Charge Cable Stuck

    I had this happen to me in my case I had a little piece of ice inside of the lock on the J1172 Connector. I was able to remove it by prying the lock open / off the car. It is just a little clip... The Car Lock doesn't lock a L2 Cable, it only locks the CCS Connector. Pry this up level / clip...
  16. BostonPete

    Massachusetts / Metro West - Window Tinting Recommendations

    Hey everyone I am looking for Recommendations for a shop to get Window Tint done in Metro West Area. Also any info you have on pricing / What you paid and what you had done would be helpful. Is the additional cost for Ceramic worth it?
  17. BostonPete

    National Grid Massachusetts new Charging Program

    So at the bottom it says Connect your Vehicle OR Charger so can you just link it to the Charge Point if you have one?
  18. BostonPete

    Electric outlet installation cost and recommendations in Boston area

    I was trying for months to get my Charge Point installed and couldn't even get a call back from 99% of the electricians when I finally got one they quoted me $1500 using my wire and other items I had. I found this company and I can not recommend them enough, they gave me a quick quote all based...
  19. BostonPete

    Migrating from Plug & Charge to EA Pass+

    I just went through this, disable plug and charge in the Ford Pass App and use the EA App. The one thing that I can say is that for whatever reason I was never able to get the EA Card in my Apple Wallet to work with any of their chargers and even EA Support can not figure out why. I have to...
  20. BostonPete

    Mass Pike and Blue Cruise Disables?

    Anyone notice that when you are on the Mass Pike / Using Brue Cruise and you are approaching one of the towers that goes over the highway that has the cameras and scanners for the Fast Lane / Speedpass Transponders Blue Cruise will display put your hands on the wheel until you get past it? It...