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  1. 50,000 mile owner update. Quite an impressive vehicle overall.

    Have you noticed any battery degradation?
  2. 22S41 & 22S29 Recall OTA Software Are Out

    I got this OTA on the 12th and maybe 1 other OTA (can't remember). But maybe they've unlocked the extra usable battery range for SR. My 21 select awd job 2 car is now showing 70kwh for energy to empty (in car scanner) when charged to 100%
  3. Recent OTA updates gave me better DCFC charging past 80%

    Ahahaha better late than never, lols. Plus I got some games added too.
  4. Recent OTA updates gave me better DCFC charging past 80%

    Nice, but I haven't seen anyone mention they got an OTA for 21' job 2 select. So those like me, you'll get it.
  5. Recent OTA updates gave me better DCFC charging past 80%

    I've a 21' job 2 select awd. And my DCFC charging curve past 80% is much improved. Getting about 28kwh past 80%. Woohoo. Likely it came with the slew of OTA updates this summer to address the HVBJB recall. So those with 21' job 2 select waiting patiently for the OTA, it'll come.
  6. Friends we need some MachE Hotel Charging Etiquette

    In most cases, just skip these and use DCFC. Save your blood pressure!
  7. 1900 Miles Road Trip From Pacific Ocean to Great Falls MT.

    Were there no decent options other than going 58 mph for one leg of your trip?
  8. AC on while DC fast charge on trip

    In my experience the high voltage battery heater/cooler uses about 6kw max. So the impact on charging time is minimal, unless it's hot out. Then you'll be sharing cooling the cabin with cooling the HVB, and that will in turn take longer to charge your battery. And oftentimes it won't charge at...
  9. Car Bricked While Driving. Any Thoughts on This

    Just saw Mach-E on a flatbed tow downtown. I wouldn't be surprised if they are having those similar car bricked issue. 🤔
  10. Car Bricked While Driving. Any Thoughts on This

    @Jon what build date is yours? Curious if others who are going to check also have the same build date.
  11. Does Preconditioning Really Matter?

    Very interested to know how much more range one would get if preconditioning is used to do a highway trip from 100% SOC down to 5% SOC? Thoughts? Can one expect greater than 5% increase in range assuming exterior temp is 32F (at all times) and car was preconditioned outside?
  12. 2,000-Mile Road Trip - A Much Better Experience

    In my experience, Google maps is better. One time Apple maps wanted to add 5 to 10 min to a route when clearly it should have routed me differently (compared it w/ Google maps).
  13. How to lock your kids in the car ?

    Good idea. A silly option is leave car on for heat/ac. Roll down driver window, step out of car, put your arm through window to lock car and to trigger window up (don't forget to pull arm away while window goes up).
  14. Did You Drive Your Mach-E Through The Winter?

    My understanding is ABRP mi/kWh already factors in temps (assuming subscription and enable live weather). So it'll still report 3.4 mi/kWh in the summer.
  15. 150 kw vs 115 kw Curves Different After Initial Burst?

    Attached is one of my recent 30 min charge curve from low state of charge (I think it was 15% SOC for MY 21 Select, don't recall what it ended at)
  16. My car still has the charging cliff

    I might buy mongoose too! Especially if they decide to unlock more battery on 2021 cars. Then I'll would do it and charge curve cliff.
  17. Should I road trip with only EVgo 50kw Stations

    Depending on temp (cold/hot) where you live, the HVB heating/cooling might take an avg of 2.5kw (5kw peaks I've seen) during charging. So that will eat the rate at which your battery refills slightly, especially at capped 50kw DCFC
  18. Wildly inaccurate nav routing

    My observations from the 3 map apps in order of routing accuracy. Google maps is tops, rarely get strange routes compared with Apple maps and Ford Nav. But I like Apple maps carplay full screen portrait UI the best.
  19. Range % question

    anyone knows if level 2 charging in winter from 0 to 100 uses noticeably more from the grid than spring/summer?
  20. Range % question

    Isn't cold weather already factored in the cars displayed mi/kWh avarage? I.e. if your car is already displaying 2.3mi/kWh in winter, can't one just take 70kwh*70%*2.3mi/kwh=112.7mi range left at 70%? Or does one have to also take into account that 70kwh might only have 60kwh usable in winter?