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  1. harrysiii

    Wear on floor carpet under trunk cargo floor

    I searched and didn't see anyone else posting about this issue so I'll share my experiences. From early on, a user posted about the cargo floor support posts breaking because of the weight limit. Partially because of this, I actually lowered my floor to the lowest level almost immediately upon...
  2. harrysiii

    Steering clunkiness

    I haven't seen this posted or talked about anywhere yet so I figured I may as well start a discussion on it. Mods, maybe this needs to be moved in the future but I couldn't find a better place for it yet (maybe "Issues?"). I have a GTPE, but I assume others may experience the same feeling...
  3. harrysiii

    Radar Detector Mounting - trying to come up with a solution.

    Hey all, I have a BlendMount but the detector does not work well at all behind the windshield and not in the "Black dot space" on the windshield. I have an Escort 9500iX and the OEM suction cup mount doesn't hold it at the right angle to lock in place, so the detector constantly slides off the...
  4. harrysiii

    What I want for Mach-E Updates

    Hello! For those that don't know, a few of us took our Mach-Es to Canaan Motor Club in Canaan, NH yesterday. There were 2 identical Mach-E GTPEs and a Select Standard Range AWD on the track (along with MANY other EVs). I am compiling my list (short so far) after my experiences on the track with...
  5. harrysiii

    ? Mach-E GT Crowdsourced Performance Figures - Data Tracking List

    In an attempt to capture a lot of this data for comparison, I've created this sheet. We can certainly replace it and I'll update this post to reflect what we land on. If we decide to use it, I'll manage the permissions and add people as editors if they are interested in adding their data. Take...
  6. harrysiii

    Random Road Testing: Did anyone else get one of these?

    This was on the rear floor that I happened to see after my test drive this morning. haha. It's funny that when it was delivered to the dealer it had 26.7 miles on it, so someone at the rail yards was joy riding it!
  7. harrysiii

    Mach-E GT cargo space

    I'm getting a feeling this might be wrong, but the latest Tech Specs lists the GT as having (quite a bit) less cargo space than the rest of the extended range models. If this is accurate, the only thing I can think of is the suspension (correction, I just remember probably the biggest factor is...
  8. harrysiii

    Question about the Panoramic roof and rain noise

    I know the glass is thicker than a typical sunroof, and UV protected, but how much does this all add up to helping block out the sound? I'm very concerned with rain noise. For example, my current car has a sun/moonroof with a shade I can close. I can tell you that any time it is raining, I HAVE...
  9. harrysiii

    Anyone getting this exhaust yet? :-P hahaha
  10. harrysiii

    Latest Mach-E Brochure With Breakdowns of Features, Options, Packages (Including GT)

    I found this on Ford's page today while out searching for a new brochure. :) Link: 21_MachE_online.pdf
  11. harrysiii

    Orders held for loose bolts

    Interesting article that just popped up.