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    Mileage Poll

    14 months 30 grand
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    It soon will be cheaper to drive my Ford Maverick hybrid than my MME

    We’re at $.0634/KWh so I’ve done those calcs and everything evens out after 10 years if I drove the MME and saved $40K in fuel or bought a MAVHYB at 1/2 the price and 1/2 the fuel economy. But either would be trashed with nearly 300,000 miles. Late spring to early fall I’m averaging 4.0 mi/KWh...
  3. JSeis

    Does everyone’s heater suck? Or just mine?

    My quilted shirt is my heater. If the outside temp is above 50, no heat needed though I occasional de-fog as needed. Gets down right chilly below say 43 F. I tried the old still-air method. Works good as long as you don’t breathe 😂. I run e-heat as needed below 45. I can still average 3.5 mi/KWh...
  4. JSeis

    Fords new Ad bashing Elon is not a good look for EVs owners and perspective buyers.

    I can’t wait for Elon to be crowned the 1st King of Mars.. on Mars. It’d be a good place for him.
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    50,000 mile owner update. Quite an impressive vehicle overall.

    So.. summer, no matter how lightly I drive I’m stuck at around 94%-95% to driving so that 265 would drop to 251-254. Where does that other 20+ miles go?.. we’ll that’s predictive and since I never run it to zero, I’ve not a clue. The most miles I’ve ever seen at 90% is 219 and that’s getting...
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    50,000 mile owner update. Quite an impressive vehicle overall.

    Nice write up! I’m at 29,000+ and have few gripes though 10,000 miles between tire rotations (for me) is too much. Right front has slight tow-out and it is showing up. Other than that my experience is the same. Minor glitchy software & mostly around PAAK. I net $4,000 per year in fuel savings. I...
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    What did you do to/with your Mach-E today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Wash & tire pressure check.
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    What happened to my my range?

    I just reset range/driving history. I typically average 215 miles of estimated range at 90% charge. After the reset it went from 180 to 205 miles (90% charge) in 5 days. I’ll likely be back to 210-217 next week. I do a steady 88-90 miles of commuting 5 days a week. BTW, a 90% charge appears to...
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    Don't trust the displayed range on indicator (GOM)! Best ways to calculate how far your Mach-E can really go

    And you all never called a fuel level (😂) a GOM and you think it’s accurate? In August my consistent commute average was 2.3-2.4 miles per percent (%) which squares well with an average 3.9 mi/KWh. And estimated range of 230-240 miles. Minus 4-6% to accessories, temps, etc. I average 95%+ to...
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    80% charge or 90% charge for daily use?

    FWIW I drive the same route every day, every week, every month at the same speed. A year ago at 90% charge the most range I ever saw was 219 miles at 90% charge. A year later, the maximum range at 90% I’ve seen yet is 219 miles. AWD SR. I’m quite ok with that. The one odd thing I’ve observed...
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    80% charge or 90% charge for daily use?

    I drive slightly under 90 miles daily & charge to 90% 5 days a week. In the winter I precondition and the garage never gets much below 40 F. I average about 213 miles of 90% charge this time of year. In the winter that’ll drop to about 165 if temps are 29-37 F. Nice morning views!
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    DCFC in America - it’s falling apart

    I commute with my BEV & charge from home. The rare (few times a year) that we travel farther than my commute distance (44 miles one way) it’s anywhere from 120-500 miles away and I gotta say, a year ago there were issues with non-working EA site chargers (say 2-4 of 8 not working. I’ve not seen...
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    ICEV most like to see as BEV?

    Our Flex w/Mach E running gear LOL
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    Embarrassing discoveries?

    It still felt odd as in not well thought out for exactly the reason you stated. The interface is overly complicated and in the absence of a tactile button that does “X” they created a descent into menu hell. Every time I push a selection on that screen my eyes are off the road for ~2 seconds...
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    Embarrassing discoveries?

    it seemed like such an odd decision that far into production…
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    Embarrassing discoveries?

    In “Intelligent Cruise” the front camera reads the speed limit signs and the dealer had set the cruise speed limit to 5 mph over. I set the MME on “Intelligent Cruise” on a long straight when I was going 50. At the end of the straight there’s a narrow bridge ending in a tight left curve. The...
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    Why mixed reviews on Mach-E suspension?

    Our Select ST suspension is a mirror of the Edge Sport we traded off. Short wheel based SUV designed to haul 4+ and gear. Putting 4 adults in it plus some gear quiets it down. Now many US rural roads have a crappy base and they are subject to slumps, frost heave, and that pushes any car around...
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    26,068 Commute Miles: 1 Year Overview & Owner's Review

    that’s some serious driving there. I did put 50K on a Subie XT one year ‘cause girlfriend…
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    26,068 Commute Miles: 1 Year Overview & Owner's Review

    Thanks for comments. I take notes, images of screen info. Write it down, then update. I use “Trips” for daily, seasonal, all time Mi/KWh till the recent update. Now I get to start over. I still can’t figure out the blue light reflection top of rear window, thought it was overhead ambient blue...
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    26,068 Commute Miles: 1 Year Overview & Owner's Review

    Just curious, hard to say on impact but likely negligible. I’ve one tire with a real slow leak.. drives me nuts pumping it up every week by 1-2 pounds 😡