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  1. phil

    Sound, Audio Settings Grayed Out

    I would like to adjust the sound and audio settings on the touchscreen menu. I access the 'vehicle drawer', and both these settings submenus are grayed out. Always. I have tried disconnecting all phones from Carplay, still grayed out. I find nothing in the Owner's Manual that indicates these...
  2. phil

    They broke my PAAK

    Dealer tried to fix a problem for me - backup start passcode was not working reliably. Don't know if they fixed anything, but they sure broke stuff! I got notifications that: 1. FordPass Connect was "reset to the factory settings", and then 2. A "master reset" of my car also took place, a...
  3. phil

    BlueCruise - It comes and goes

    I regularly drive the same part of a very big Interstate. For weeks, BlueCruise was regularly available and I used it somewhat frequently. Last week, same road, same car, same controls - BlueCruise never showed up as available, I could not for the life of me get it to work once during six or...
  4. phil

    No prompt to enter backup start passcode

    I used the 'backup start passcode' to start my Mustang this morning. It worked exactly as described in the Owner's Manual. I've tried it a few dozen times this afternoon, and now it does not work. I push the brake and ignition button as directed, and get a message saying "No key detected" -...
  5. phil

    How do you enlarge the 360° camera surround view?

    We get a 15" display, but the overhead surround view is only about 4", which is too small to be useful. I see we can zoom in on corners (which does not help), but how do you get a big, full-screen, display of the surround view? I'm afraid I already know the answer...
  6. phil

    My GT - Regular Edition is arriving tonight

    Dealer says it's on the way, and Ford has invited me to "complete" my electric Mustang purchase. The whole process went very smoothly and quickly, all things considered. I ordered in early June with no advance reservation. Every step happened on schedule, or early. Ford had estimated 7...