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  1. EELinneman

    Not a lot of EVs in Prague

    Outside the train station at Bratislava
  2. EELinneman

    Not a lot of EVs in Prague

    Seen some Mustang GTs but mo MME so far
  3. EELinneman

    Parking outside in cold weather

    90% charge range in summer is about 230 miles for me. In winter it usually is about 170. i have got messages telling me to plug the car in after driving in the winter and parking outside in single digits temperature.
  4. EELinneman

    🗺 HVBJB Replacement – Interactive Map – Time To Repair (by Dealer)

    Honestly, Ford should pay him or buy this amazing service from him.
  5. EELinneman

    🗺 HVBJB Replacement – Interactive Map – Time To Repair (by Dealer)

    Putting that math degree I got a long time ago, I see there are 72 failures tracked. Just guessing that about 1% of MME owners are on this forum - likely high, it tells me that there likely have been over 7,000 of these failures for Ford. What puzzles me is that they still seem to do a...
  6. EELinneman

    Service Vehicle Soon! Is it finally my turn?

    Everything is good with beer. Everything.
  7. EELinneman

    2023 Premium Range Increase

    I guess they adopted the Tesla GOM for 2023 models
  8. EELinneman

    Help .. sorry so many posts see image below

    Amy, There are soft pulls and hard pulls. They likely did a soft pull, but need to do a hard one to finalize the loan. I had a circus when I picked up my car and had to call Transunion from the dealer parking lot when I picked up my car. It looks like you are tracking your credit closely...
  9. EELinneman

    Service Vehicle Soon! Is it finally my turn?

    I'm still thinking the HVBJB goes right before Halloween. Though, that is an impressive list of errors. Do we know of anybody else who generated a longer list? Best of luck. I do wonder why something hiccupped and what would happen if this occurred while driving.
  10. EELinneman

    SVS.. My turn

    And, if the F-150 Lightnings start failing, Ford itself is in trouble. At a minimum, that asshat in the UK who keep making promises about their BEV business should be shown the door. Today.
  11. EELinneman

    SVS.. My turn

    Todd, I think it would be different if 2 things were to happen. 1. Ford has and communicates a coherent plan. From what I have seen, it's a random chance that your failure will end up at a dealer who knows how to work this, and that they have been told correctly by Ford how to secure the...
  12. EELinneman

    High voltage battery failure on 2021 Mach E GT performance 14k miles. Dealer says no eta on new battery. Could be months.

    The software fix could never prevent the problem unless it hobbled the power delivery from the battery. Todd (@DevSecOps) has put together an amazing library of information regarding this. It will be a critical part of the mental health and self-care of dealing with this Ford design failure...
  13. EELinneman

    🗺 HVBJB Replacement – Interactive Map – Time To Repair (by Dealer)

    Seriously, this is Ruthian level of achievement. Mods, please start a hall of fame. Thank you @DevSecOps and all the ones who work silently in the background to help members here.
  14. EELinneman

    Just confirmed - no eta on HVBJB replacements for GT

    Call Ford and open a ticket with the BEV team. Let them know the dealer that the car is at and follow up with a call the next day and confirm the case number and the person assigned. As @DevSecOps has noted elsewhere, the replacement HVBJB are being allocated on a as needed basis. The dealer...
  15. EELinneman

    How long does HVB repair take?

    Call Ford and ask for a case with the BEV team. They should provide you with the case number and a point of contact. Never underestimate the value of threatening lemon law. It kicks in after 30 days of a single issue or 4 times being serviced for this single issue within the first year of...
  16. EELinneman

    What's a good kw per mile range (on highway) for extended range battery?

    And, in colder weather, expect a significant reduction. Your utilization rate seems about the norm.
  17. EELinneman

    a little wind noise at 80 mph

    There is a Tesla fix with a thin rubber cord that wedges between the metal of the roof and the front of the glass roof. It might be worth a try.
  18. EELinneman

    [DATA] - HVBJB Mega Data Aggregation Thread

    Interesting. That would have been the day before the message and power restrictions. The route from my house to my son's is always packed at the time I went I'm wondering if the failure happens well before the response by the software.