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  1. Stevey

    Update dang those dealerships GET YOUR GAME FACE READY !!!

    I think they could fix a lot of these issue if the customer could take their reservation with them, even after delivery, and go to another dealer.
  2. Stevey

    My Journey with FITCAMX (Dash Cam with OEM look)

    Does anyone have an Amazon link to the Duel camera (Front & Rear) option? Does anyone know if I can add a rear later or buy separately. I prefer to share my Info and credit card data with as few site as possible, so would like to purchase thru Amazon.
  3. Stevey

    Order: Cali Rte 1 vs Premium, quandry

    Ford has definitely improved the efficiency of the motors. I think so much so that there wouldn't be any significant difference between the RWD RT1 (if still available) and Premium. We owned a 2021 Premium STD RWD for a year (Jul21 - Jun22) before trading in for a 2022 Premium EXT RWD. I...
  4. Stevey

    GM & Pilot to build 2000 EVgo charging stations at 500 locations along US highways

    This will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think this a match that EV owners have been looking for. EA Charges have been great for the most part, but have suspect locations (back of a Walmart parking lot we no amenities). Looks like EVgo charges are suspect but will have decent...
  5. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    I have read that too and had some concerns. As unbelievable as this sounds, it didn't fail once for us.
  6. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    Picked up my car yesterday (Angela Krause Ford, Alpharetta GA), but did the paper work Monday. Traded in '21 Mach E STD RWD and got $1500 more than we paid. It had 10500 miles and was 11 month old, so pretty happy. Car is awesome but will miss the Hands Free tail gate; however, I now have a...
  7. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    My wife was leaving for a trip and wouldn't be back for several weeks to sign papers. Hoping to get the car as soon as possible. We have had a good experience with the dealership and they have always followed thru.
  8. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    I actually was able to complete the sale and paper work just wasn't allowed to take delivery. When I asked about the hold, we were told that they are classified as a Ford superstore and were able to get an exception with the strict stipulation that the vehicle can't be delivered. I suspect...
  9. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    I pray and hope it is just software, but there may be a hardware component. There is a lot of speculation on the other thread "Safety Recall 22S41 - 2021-2022 Mach E - HVBJB Recall [high voltage battery main contactors may overheat]" that there might be a need to replace the High Voltage...
  10. Stevey

    Federal administration proposes new rules for EV charging stations

    Why do we have to have one or the other? There are regulation that prevent DCFC operators from selling electricity in some areas in other areas is is permitting, and in others it just a lack of infrastructure. Some areas it is a combination of several things. The national grid is a...
  11. Stevey

    Federal administration proposes new rules for EV charging stations

    The gas station business plan will work for charging station with a few tweaks. Gas stations make little to nothing from the sale of fuel. The majority of there profit comes from their convivence store and other miscellaneous services. Up to this point the majority of charging infrastructure...
  12. Stevey

    Atlanta area?

    Sorry for the delay, It was with them over the weekend for 4 days. I dropped it off late Thursday and they worked on it Friday and Monday. I didn't realize the lead Electrician (Mach E Tech) is off on the weekends. So to be fair it was actually 2 days of work.
  13. Stevey

    Atlanta area?

    I had mine completed by Angela Krause Ford - Roswell, GA back in March. However, they have a 10 to 12 week wait for a loaner.
  14. Stevey

    Is plugshare the way to go?

    I use PlugShare to plan my trips using their web site and save the route. I can then pull up the route using the PlugShare Android Auto app and select the first charging stop. The route is then brought up in google maps for navigation.
  15. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    For accessories I got the after market phone charging tray. I didn't find a need for the PPF but we do use Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating, and it has been amazing. The biggest accessory was the Enel X JuiceBox 40 (plug-In). I also purchased a heavy gauged extension cord to...
  16. Stevey

    5/16/22 Build Week Adventures

    From watching these threads for over a year now (2nd go around), it seems that Ford simply makes a list of customers that meet there own internal requirements (i.e. Priority Code, Dealer priority level, Part Availability etc.). At that point you are just a sequence on a batch list. I think...
  17. Stevey

    Calling all Military/Veteran owners

    US Navy 89-94 VP-40 AW2 (Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator) NAS Moffett Field, CA NAS Whidbey Island, WA 3 Deployment (1 in support of Operation Desert Storm/Shield) Most rewarding time of my life! Big Shot out to all that served! Thanks for your service!!
  18. Stevey

    New 2.8.2 OTA

    Got the 2.8.3 OTA after Dealer upgrade to BC. I did notice that the Batt % is persistent under the GOM. Not sure if that was an earlier update or not, but went from 2.5.3 to 2.8.2 after several months then 2.8.3 the following day.