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  1. MCA x plan

    I went ahead and printed up my XPlan pin from MCA, my 90 days is up Oct 9th, I will most likely get my car in Nov. Is it a problem printing/getting my pin early? Or just needs to be 90 days by the purchase date? Thanks J
  2. Aftermarket alarm system?

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket alarm system on their MME? Just curious.
  3. GTPE Dumb question - is the passenger seat powered?

    I ordered a 22 GTPE, never dawned on me until the wife asked---is the passenger seat power?
  4. When does Ford update orders?

    When does Ford update orders? Looking to see if this is the week I get a production date.
  5. How long after GTPE order did you get a production date?

    Just wondering how long after GTPE order is confirmed by Ford, did you receive a production date and/or vin?
  6. GTPE SEATS- Where are my big guy's?

    I ordered a GT, starting to read and watch on you tube that the magna-ride is a much better ride. I'm 6'2 290, I'm concerned the GTPE seats shoulder bolster may be a problem with comfort. Any larger guy's out there can give me an honest opinion before I change my order? Any input would help, thanks