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  1. 11/7/22 Build Week Thread for 2023 MME's

    Ford converted the remaining 2022 orders to 2023 and will start building 2023 Mach E from 31st Oct 2022
  2. 11/14/22 Build Week Gang

    Was yor order a ER or SR? Because I have ordered SR Premium on 9/3 and no Production date yet.
  3. Warranty contracts: Any opinions on whether they are worth purchasing

    Source What is the warranty on the Mustang Mach-E? Our New Vehicle Limited Warranty will help give you peace of mind with the following: Electric Vehicle Component Coverage: 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever occurs first), with...
  4. 💰 2023MY Mach-E Private Offer -- Amounts & Details (for 2022 to 2023 order conversion)

    Dealer is lying I think, so you don't get the price protection from your first order. If you do new order you will never get the private offer. You have go to the dealer the tell them update your current select order as ford has directed this process or call ford customer care and talk to them .
  5. 2023 Mach-E Officially Being Scheduled for Production

    I have not seen any 2023 Select getting scheduled yet. But they are still scheduling for November, maybe next week .
  6. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Vapor Blud color is missing , i have not added my order to the list yet.
  7. ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Build Weeks 10/31 Through 11/28

    I did not see anyone posting scheduled for 11/7 or 11/21 or 11/28 , So they must still working on scheduling more
  8. 2023 Mach-E Officially Being Scheduled for Production

    If you checking on mobile browser it will not show Production date , that what i have heard.
  9. ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Build Weeks 10/31 Through 11/28

    Interesting @zpel Isn't ford suppose to schedule the 2022 - > 2023 convered orders ? does that mean ford scheduled all coverted orders already ?
  10. Dealer asking for questionable actions to submit order

    This does not sound right. I just booked my MME online via, dealer just called to confirm the order.
  11. ⏰ Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/19) For Build Weeks 10/31 Through 11/28

    Your Mach E will be build in the Factory during 10/10/2022 week and then will be shipped , once it is build you will receive delivery date estimate. @Jp0524 Enjoy you MME !!
  12. 2023 Ordering?

    Does anyone know how many 2022 were coverted to 2023 ?
  13. ⏰ No Mach-E Scheduling This Week (9/12). 2023MY Scheduling Starts 9/22/22

    What is the meaning of "2023MY Startup scheduling begining 09/22/2023 ? Will ford start bulding 2023 Mach E from next week ?