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  1. Its_my_wifes_car

    2022 Orders Converted to 2023 (Discussion)

    It seems this forum provides more information that Ford dealers - so thanks for the help on knowing how to push my order through! I'm one of the REAL OLD orders (12/17/21) that wasn't scheduled. I'm also in the northeast (NH) and that does seem to be related for whatever reason - I noticed a...
  2. Its_my_wifes_car

    Order Cancelled by Dealer / Ford? / Panic Mode

    I placed an order online (and accepted by my dealer) for our 2022 Premium AWD / ER in early December. Two month of waiting have passed and I fully expected an even longer wait for eventual delivery. An hour ago I received an email from Ford stating the order was cancelled by my dealer. NOT...
  3. Its_my_wifes_car

    Drive-away warning or prevention when charging?

    Future 2022 Premium AWD Extended Range “it’s my wife’s car” - (ordered 3 weeks ago): These forums are great but one question I’ve been wondering about and haven’t seen posted or answered…. Is there any safety mechanism or warning that prevents an individual from driving the car away while it’s...