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  1. back_at_it_19

    Poll - how long have you waited from order to build date?

    Just for fun I’d like to see how long everyone has waited from order confirmation to build date assigned? I know builds keep getting pushed but figured build date assigned was a decent general barometer. I’m a happy job 1 first edition GB owner with almost 30k miles, and we ordered another my22...
  2. back_at_it_19

    Blue Cruise Observations and Questions - It disengages

    Is this your experience? So I've had BC now for a few weeks. Early access, OTA finally installed, on a first edition mme built 12/2020. I have a one-way 60 mile commute on two interstates, when I drive it, so I have plenty of observations. Of course I love it when it's on, and I've been very...
  3. back_at_it_19

    Apple CarPlay no internet connection

    Help! This is driving me crazy. Happens almost every time carplay connects since either iOS 14.6 or latest mache ota update. Anyone else have this issue. If I can get this message to appear on my phone I can make the choice but that’s a hassle when driving. In the meantime, CarPlay won’t work...
  4. back_at_it_19

    She's here, she's perfect, and I ❤️ her!

    I’m so sorry not to have posted earlier. I think I was exhausted tracking this forum! She arrived 3/26, picked up 3/29. Dealer (Bickford Ford) flawless. X plan, rebates, Ford Options. She's perfect inside and out. Road trip to Portland last weekend, 2 dcfc charges (EA, using the Ford app before...
  5. back_at_it_19

    License plate frame? Chrome or black (shiny or matte)?

    What color license frame?!?
  6. back_at_it_19

    Avoid FordPass app?!?

    I’m anxiously awaiting my FE, and I know the issues posted on the forum aren’t necessarily representative of most MME’s. But it seems almost ALL of the issues are somehow related to the app? Especially the charging issues. Would we avoid a ton of issues for now by just using the car like a car...
  7. back_at_it_19

    Already built but parked in Mexico

    So it’s been mentioned in many posts, but does anyone know what the delay in shipping from Mexico has been. Also stop ship and QA related like the cars at Speedway? Covid shipping issues? My car is literally just sitting there like a month.
  8. back_at_it_19

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Thought we could start a thread for machdrop updates specifically. Since we r still in the dark, let’s pls share what we learn. My dealer confirmed my machdrop order is in the system but no build date last I heard. I converted a premium to FE.