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  1. jrstinkfish

    MME keeps tripping breaker

    Starting about 2 months ago, my MME seems to trip the breaker for my charger seemingly every time I try to charge. I have to go outside and flip the breaker switch to get it to start charging again. My wife's Kia Niro EV charges without issue, so I am feeling confident the issue is with the MME...
  2. jrstinkfish

    Driver’s door won’t unlock with button press

    Starting about two weeks or so ago, whenever I’d go to open my driver’s door, pressing the button wouldn’t work if the car was locked. I either have to open one of the other doors, or use the Unlock button on my fob. Once unlocked, the button works fine in popping the door open. All the other...
  3. jrstinkfish

    Audio now starts off muted

    Has anyone had this issue? For about the past week or so, whenever I get in the car, the audio is OFF (the little power indicator in the middle of the dial is not lit up). I didn't do anything to change this, and I don't see any setting that would trigger this, and I am definitely not muting it...